Saturday 25th of May 2019

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fish kills...

fish kills

emails that shot hillary in the foot...


 How Russia cyber attacks helped Trump to the US presidency

Kathleen Hall Jamieson

It’s clearer than ever: the theft and leaking of Democratic emails were key to Clinton’s election defeat, says Kathleen Hall Jamieson, author of Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped elect a President

Published: 22 Oct 2018


No. It's not clearer than ever. Even now with Stone being indicted by Mueller...


aussie day — bangers, bbq, beer, booze, bogans, bozos, mozzie bites, beanies and bludgers... with a touch of hollywood...

aussie day

Australia Day: Past, present and future

Wesley Enoch 

Noel Pearson says there are three narratives that make Australia – the story of the longest continuous living culture on Earth; the tale of the British colonial project and the institutions that have helped shaped our society; and the narrative of the most successful multi-ethnic, multicultural nation on the planet.


Claire G. Coleman 

Bloody Australia Day

When I wrote my debut novel, Terra Nullius, back in 2015, I couldn’t have imagined it would lead to January becoming a month during which I cannot breathe. It is January when I am busiest. While kids are on school holidays, and their parents …


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royal brexit with special uber driver...

royal brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected by 230 votes - the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.

the big stick...

killing fields

the wall...

time trump

US President Donald Trump has offered a plan to break the "logjam" in Congress over the US-Mexico border wall, including legislative relief for "Dreamer" migrants and offering $US800 million ($1.11 billion) in urgent humanitarian assistance.

the "new" colonialists...

JPEG - 72.9 kb
The British Empire on which the sun never sets

a certain arrogance...


The administration of US President Donald Trump relies heavily on the support of followers of evangelical Christianity as a “motivating force” behind their policies, and that could prove dangerous to global stability, according to a recent report by The Guardian.

more happiness for your bucks?...


Ross Gittins "How to get more happiness per dollar" is a bit bland. If you are a "creative" person (like me — I hope I am, but who knows, I could be the "master of the fake" as some of my mates call me), you might end up in an asylum for blancmanged bogans, should you follow "his" advice based on a study by three US psychologists... Ah, no less than three US diplomed dudes:


The pyres of europe...


Christopher Clark’s history of Europe was fascinating — especially if you did not know much about the history of Europe. Going back to the geological formation of the continent, Christopher Clark was brilliantly supported by a large team of German producers who illustrated with excellent reenactments some of the major events in this well-told history. Quite accurately told, till about 1900. 


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