Friday 27th of November 2020

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for a national climate adaptation policy...


The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements (Bushfire RC) report is eagerly awaited not only by eminent fire fighter Greg Mullins who hopes it will lead to action to reduce climate change emissions but by all anxious Australians who recognise our government’s negligence by not preparing a national climate adaptation plan. Hopefully the Bushfire RC report will be a first step in its delivery.


putting science to work for peace...


Having seen groups in conflict all over the globe, Bruneau began to reflect on how the antipathy people have about opposing groups was surprisingly consistent. 

still looking to make the beast of democracy work…

dick    Everyone knows (everyone should) the joke about the pheasant plucker. But no-one told it so well as Dick Emery.

good news




Donald Trump is a Gemini—the clever, fast-talking sign governed by Mercury the messenger. Love him or loathe him, you have to give it to the Donald: The man has coined some snappy soundbites. 


understanding the military mind...


All the military brass would really snigger at our feeble attempts to understand the military mind — and at our lame satire trying to denigrate this powerful focused amazing thinking — “military intelligence” being an oxymoron to us, loony cartoonists. 

christmas on instalments...


The French were stunned to learn that their government considers a public order measure, a curfew, to be effective in preventing an epidemic. Everyone, having understood that no virus breaks according to schedules set by decree, and given the many previous mistakes, asks the question: who is angry about a curfew for what?

Covid: a curfew for what?

by Thierry Meyssan


will the last one out, turn off the gas...


An energy transition is underway but it is too slow to avert a climate catastrophe and it ignores many other environmental and social challenges that need tackling now. Capitalism has got us into this mess but doesn’t have the tools to get us out of it. Perhaps ecosocialism and Extinction Rebellion provide some answers.


Does anyone really believe we are going to avert a climate catastrophe?

By PETER SAINSBURY | On 29 October 2020


it's a risk to take...


Passing by a coughing stranger on a sidewalk during a global pandemic or having coffee with a work friend — for most people, one of those two scenarios will sound considerably safer than the other. 

a leadership going to shreds...


A former NSW auditor-general has warned that the shredding of documents related to $250 million in council grants was likely to be unlawful and should end Gladys Berejiklian's leadership.

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