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AWBall .....

From the SMH ….. 

‘Downer's memory at a loss over
wheat deal talks’
By Cynthia Banham and Marian
March 28, 2006 

The Foreign Affairs Minister,
Alexander Downer, said yesterday he could not recall details of a
conversation he had last September with the head of the United Nations
investigation into the oil-for-food scandal, when he allegedly said AWB had no
option but to pay kickbacks if the company wanted to do business in Iraq. 

porky games .....

Message to the government of Sydney

From the Seattle Times

Seattle to Kyoto: You can't get there by car
By Warren Cornwall
Seattle Times staff reporter

If Seattle is going to do its part to slow global warming, people are going to have to get out of their cars.

That's the cornerstone — and also the biggest challenge — of a plan to be unveiled today for how the city can join countries from around the world in trying to meet the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 international treaty to reduce climate-changing gases such as carbon dioxide.

The report, written at the request of Mayor Greg Nickels, says that if the city really wants to cut greenhouse gases, it needs to spend millions more on transit, build more compact neighborhoods, encourage energy efficiency and use more fuels from plants rather than petroleum.

the dumb fairy

the dumb fairy .....

‘Readers tell me that Americans don’t live here any more. They ask what responsible American citizenry would put up with the trashing of the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers, with wars based on deception, and with pathological liars in control of their government? One reader recently wrote that he believes that "no element of the U.S. government has been left untainted" by the lies and manipulations that have driven away accountability. So-called leaders, he wrote, "talk a great story of American pride and patriotism," but in their hands patriotism is merely a device for "cynical manipulation and fraud." 

spooks in baghdad .....

AWB executives
'expected to spy on Iraqis' 

It is claimed AWB executives were
asked to gather intelligence for the Federal Government in the lead-up to the
war in Iraq.

The Cole inquiry is examining
allegations AWB was paying kickbacks to the regime of Saddam Hussein, in contravention
of United Nations sanctions.

a message from your president .....

From the ABC ….. 

salutes Australian troops

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has thanked a small contingent of Australian
troops who have returned from Iraq, Afghanistan and Sumatra at a gathering in

advertising is propaganda & spin .....

From the ABC ….. 

need for ads on the ABC: Labor

Federal Opposition's communications spokesman says the Government should rule
out the introduction of advertising on the ABC.

rudd for rudder .....

reflects Labor's 'bad week' …..

A Federal Labor frontbencher, Lindsay
Tanner, says the Australian public has sent a message to the Opposition, after
an opinion poll that suggests a loss of support.

The Newspoll published in The Australian newspaper shows Labor is 6 per cent
behind the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis and approval for the
Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley, has slipped to a new low. 

when will it stop .....

From the ABC ….. 

During the speech,
Mr Bush accused Iran of contributing to the unrest in Iraq, saying some of the
homemade bombs that are wreaking havoc in the country came from Iraq's eastern

dubya playing dummy .....


From the NY Times …..

Hussein Saw Iraqi Unrest as Top Threat

Published: March 12, 2006 

where am I?

the ABC …..

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip have arrived in
Canberra to begin their five-day tour of Australia.

The crowd of several hundred cheered and waved English and
Australian flags as the royal couple stepped out of the plane.

labor pains .....

labor pain

immigration gone mad .....


Jovicic urged to take Serbian citizenship

but will he remember anything .....


From the ABC ....

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