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tailspins .....

From the ABC …..

Labor takes 6-point lead over Coalition: poll

A new opinion poll shows the
Federal Opposition has a six-point lead over the Coalition.

The Newspoll published in The
Australian newspaper reveals Labor has 53 per cent support compared to 47
per cent for the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis.

The survey also finds
satisfaction with John Howard's performance as Prime Minister has slumped
seven points to its lowest level in eight months - 43 per cent.

the "value" of law .....

From letters in The Sydney
Morning Herald

Lawyers: uphold the law .....

Adele Horin, what a case you
presented against the lawyers in John Howard's cabinet ("So many
lawyers, so little responsibility", July 1).

I have a dream that the lawyers
of Australia will unite and declare their outrage at the Government's
denial of justice to David Hicks. 

promised retaliations .....

From the New York Times .....

Israel Steps Up Confrontation in Gaza Strip

Published: June 29, 2006

GAZA, June 30 — With the
detention of dozens of senior Hamas officials and its military hunkered
down, Israel appeared to delay any ground incursion into northern Gaza on
Thursday, but it continued to pound Palestinian territory with artillery

the good fairy gitmo' .....

Supreme Court Blocks Guantánamo
Tribunals .....

By John
O'Neil & Scott Shane

June 29, 2006

The Supreme
Court today delivered a sweeping rebuke to the Bush administration, ruling
that it exceeded its authority by creating tribunals for terror suspects
that fell short of the legal protections that Congress has traditionally
required in military courts.

As a result, the court said in a 5-to-3 ruling, the tribunals violated
both American military law and the military's obligations under the Geneva

fake brush up the aside .... ?

Coonan rejects Murdoch's media
policy criticisms …..

Communications Minister Helen Coonan
has brushed aside Rupert Murdoch's criticism of the Federal Government's
plans for changes to media laws. 

The News Corporation chairman and
chief executive has suggested the Government should throw out its package
of changes or leave things the way they are until someone with the
political will to make more drastic change emerges.

more prime ministerial gas .....

Howard says IR protests threaten
resources trade ….

Prime Minister John Howard says
today's national day of protest and the Opposition's policy to abolish
workplace agreements (AWAs) jeopardises resources trade with China. 

Mr Howard and the Premier of China
today attended a ceremony in southern China, marking the start of multi-billion-dollar
Australian liquid natural gas exports.

jumpin' johnnee .....

diggers' capers .....

sorry business .....

trade bonus still on ..... ?

ADF 'deeply
regrets' Iraqi shooting

Australian Defence Force (ADF) says it deeply regrets an incident where
Australian soldiers in Baghdad opened fire on the bodyguards of Iraq's
Trade Minister, Abdel Falah al-Sudany.

One of the
guards was killed and three others wounded when their convoy followed the
Australians' convoy from Mr Sudany's compound.

terrorising the neighbourhood .....

Israeli Air Strike Again Kills
Palestinian Civilian

By Ian Fisher & Steven Erlanger

Published: June 21, 2006

JERUSALEM, June 21 - A
Palestinian woman was killed today in Gaza after a pair of Israeli
missiles veered off target, one of them slamming into a house. It was the
latest in a series of botched air strikes that have killed a dozen Palestinian
civilians in the last eight days. 

chicken soldiers .....

Car bomb and air strike kill

From Al Jazeera
Wednesday 21 June 2006, 4:15
Makka Time, 1:15 GMT 

... Four others who were injured
in the strike on two farm houses in the Shaikh Qaddur al-Shahin village
early on Tuesday, were detained by US forces, Haidar al Tamimi, an Iraqi
journalist, told Aljazeera. 

a democracy fit for a rodent .....

Senate committee overhaul evil:

Federal Opposition Leader Kim
Beazley has described the Government's plan to cut the number of Senate
committees as an "evil act". 

The Senate committees can hold
specific inquiries into legislation or broader investigations of general

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