Wednesday 26th of June 2019

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the out-of-tune-band-man was confidently playing alone, banging, wheezing and trumpeting loudly to a group of grumpy muppets...


... And it has to be said that for a man with essentially one tune to play, and nobody to accompany him, Scott Morrison's doing a transfixingly good job.

how fast are the oceans warming?


Climate change from human activities mainly results from the energy imbalance in Earth's climate system caused by rising concentrations of heat-trapping gases. About 93% of the energy imbalance accumulates in the ocean as increased ocean heat content (OHC).


our hypocrisy has no boundaries, not even by our choice of friends: the UK and the saudis...


I suspect that, a year ago, under orders from the boffins at The Australian (unless he is a freelancer right-wing Nazi cartoonist) Lobbecke did this lovely impression of Vladimir Putin. It's in line with the rest of the Western media. The Headline — plumped up by a glorious rubbish article by our Liar-in-Residence, Andrew Bolt, tells us "... thrives on getting away with murder"...


крик сердца


3.5 Billion Starve; While World's other Half Plays

methodical, attentive, calm and riding the storm of chaos on the side of truth...


Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr is the perfect man for the job. He is methodical, attentive, calm and rides the storm of chaos with the demeanor of a man who knows he is standing on the side of truth.

bringing in the big guns...


The Sunday Tampongraph was pretty subdued today... There was the "low key" announcement of a $5 million timely donation to a charity, the Children Hospice in Manly, which at this time of vicious electionarium, coud be seen as a desperate attempt at a phot-op with the stars for struggling Tony — and a dash of discreet pork barelling.


is he electable? not really... even if he lived in the electorate...

tony listens

In the Saturday Paper, we are reminded by the Gadfly that Tony Abbott does not live in the electorate that he wishes to represent once more: Warringah. He lives "next door" in Mackellar. This should actually disqualify him forthwith. But we shall see what the AEC makes of this..


On the question of global warming, which is not a question by the way, Tony Abbott is a "compleat" (old fashioned way to spell complete) ignoramus because he does not want to know anything contrary to his beliefs... See:

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