Wednesday 26th of June 2019

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feed the man meat...


"Feed the man meat" is sexist, of course — like most religious organisations are. "Feed the man meat" was the rallying cry from the Australian Meat Corporation or such association of butchers and farmers. So they changed the pitch to something less sexist. But religions are still sexist and allowed to be like men only clubs. Or ruled by men, like barbecues with the females doing the salads only.


Imagine a woman becoming pope and discovering all the secret devious shenanigans of the previous Doodahs... Instead of Alleluyah she might suddenly say fuck! with her eyes popping out.


But, she would have to carry on the merchandising of "spirituality," though we are told in uncertain terms that:



the phuktards are always abusing children... cool story bro...

inside tasmania

The above graphic doing the rounds of social media lifts the veil of illusion from Australia's PM Scott Morrison.

We all know people like Morrison are alleged to believe in an 'end of days' culminating in a 'battle of armageddon' in an illusory 'holy land'.

of arts, expressions and politics...

In Australia, we cannot escape the richness of thoughts and the depth of feelings of Peter Sculthorpe’s music which describes the country’s best mysteries and landscapes, but a most popular Aussie song, especially in the bush, will be "the pub with no beer…"



Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate. How much will sea levels rise?

the shortest jokes are the best but those that are interminably long make me cry (adm*)...


Nicaragua is a Central American country whose control has been historically a top priority of the US foreign agenda for Latin America. The country's perfect geostrategic position is the reason of its curse: it is halfway between Mexico and Colombia, near Panama, a strip of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

writing on the wall...

writing on the wall

I don’t do surveys… You know the type of "rate our service levels” for the delivery of a ton of bricks. It’s a bit like “were we good in bed?” question. Or imagine, as an artist, giving a survey to the purchaser of my pseudoneosurrealistical work.

opinion polls, slanted editorials and fake independence of the media...


A major opinion polling company used by GetUp!, Greenpeace, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and some political candidates is co-owned by union heavyweights the CFMMEU and the ACTU, an ABC investigation has discovered.

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