Wednesday 11th of December 2019

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he had no pencil either...


Barnaby Joyce hasn’t prepared a single report on the drought despite having been appointed the nation’s special drought envoy more than a year ago.

I climbed over the fence, but I was still in the world...


The newspaper comic strip section is a particularly and peculiarly American institution. I can’t deny that, being British, when I open the special Sunday edition comic pull-out—six pages’ worth, and all in color!—I feel a twinge of self-consciousness.

scummo is a sunday christian, a monday sinner, a tuesday insulting guy, a wednesday ignorant, a thursday idiot, a friday liar...

how fucked is fucked is that...

Farmers struggling to cope with the drought are desperate for rain, but in northern New South Wales they have instead been hit by a severe hailstorm, which has wiped out a number of crops. 

painting a blue room in a sinking house on a beaut day...


Today, I am confused. Is it because I had a late late dream in which I was repainting the interior of one of "my" (only in my dream) properties in Palm Beach with the brightest electric blue, carefully delineating the several hundred fuse boxes to be installed at random, after having flooded the ocean by lifting an elastic band attached to a measuring stick? 

the yellowhammer at the point of exit by the hulk-boris no-deal brexit...

the hulk

HMG Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions 

As of 2 August 2019

When the UK ceases to be a member of the EU in October 2019 all rights and reciprocal arrangements with the EU end.

The UK reverts fully to ’third country’ status. The relationship between the UK and the EU as a whole is unsympathetic, with many MS (under pressure from the Commission) unwilling to engage bilaterally and implementing protections unilaterally, though some MS may be more understanding.

liberal (CONservative) government policy failure: australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen...


Australians deserve to know what the Federal Government’s own greenhouse gas emissions data is saying, without the spin.

This factsheet lists six greenhouse gas emissions myths and why they’re untrue.

hard working pollies in kanbra reveal their true employers: not a single sod in the aussie populace...


Wow... Amazing Amanda and Andrew are on the same page! 


First Andrew Bolt:

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has unleashed on Scott Morrison for his “disgusting and despicable” decision to “play the race card” in his defence of rookie MP Gladys Liu.

daily update of our social compass with snowden and assange...


Book a suite in a luxury hotel in Moscow, send the room number encrypted to a pre-determined mobile number and then wait for a return message indicating a precise time: Meeting Edward Snwoden is pretty much exactly how children imagine the grand game of espionage is played.

and just like that, at the push of a button, my whole working life was erased...


It was my birthday recently. I turned 58. I have a 40-year work history and a bachelor of science with a double major in physics and chemistry, plus a string of other qualifications. I even have a forklift licence, and used to run the quality testing lab at the factory where I worked for eight years before it closed in 2012.

According to my Jobactive provider, none of it happened. All they see is my age.

political correctitude (correctness) is not a laughing matter...

timberThe classic British comedy series ‘Monty Python’ is 50 years old this month, but the sobering fact is that it, along with other shows of the era, would not be made today due to politically correct policing.
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