Wednesday 20th of February 2019

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trick or trick... the scary thing is that scummo believes he is PM material...


A bare-bones reminder of the utter rubbish served up by this Government recently:

reminiscing about the Koal Koalition Krap on election day...

election day

THE KKKOALITION has signed its own death warrant. Hopefully.

as if...


shoot and boot to "save sharma"...

shoot n boot

Three weeks ago, the new prime minister, Scott Morrison, gave an interview to The Australian Jewish News, assuring Australia’s most prominent Jewish newspaper that the government’s policy towards Israel would not change under his leadership.

desperation in wentworth... bringing big liar rattus out of his retirement village...


Senior NSW Liberals say it will take a "miracle" to win the Wentworth byelection, labelling a damaging email smearing independent Dr Kerryn Phelps as "the final nail" in the campaign.

swimming with sharks repeat...


Damien Hirst's shark is considered one of the most iconic works of British art in the 1990s and helped make its creator the darling of the British postmodern art movement.

picture perfect...


Presently the dumb country, Australia, is regaled with the presence of a couple of royals and what a better place than to announce that the princess of whatever is pregnant.

If you've never seen a horse race before, the stunt on the Sydney Opera House would have drawn your attention to horses, jockeys and betting (responsibly — whatever this means as betting is never responsible).

protecting bollywoodskovitch...


Global ramifications of the Russia-India Défence deal 2018

definitely leading the induction of climate change, aka promoting global warming...


Due to an unstable roster of ministers, Australia's climate and energy policy has been suffering, writes Giles Parkinson.

HERE ARE TWO QUESTIONS that go to the state of Australia’s policy-making and the health of its democracy. They are particularly relevant as we watch, in horror, the course that climate and energy policy is taking in this country.

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