Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

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Oo Roo Mal

Oo roo Malcolm Fraser, the King Of Nareen

got the best stock prices Vic's ever seen

by lowering the fences in his stockyard

Wool over eyes, without pulling too hard


Oo roo Malcolm Fraser, Straya's Prime Minister

clambering to power by methods quite sinister

Threw out Whitlam and his social reform

Made back-stabbing Canberra's political norm


Oo Roo Malcolm Fraser, noted Humanitarian

My Turn Next

One day I'll be Leader, and on that day you'll learn
I've had enough of taking your guff, so now it is my turn
Fuck your thoughts and feelings, fuck your mortal soul
I'm the one that's telling you - I'm now in control

Every day I wake up with a psychic morning glory
Nothing's gunna happen till I start to write the story
and none of that can happen till my thinking in the shower
my daily meditation on the concept of Power

The Audient

Don't want to know about foreign wars
or miners plundering distant shores
Better off just to ignore
the world as it decays
Gotta get my kids to school
slave my guts out for fuck all
every day till nighttime's fall
until the darkness stays

Don't sing to me about anything sad
Give me a tune that will make me forget
Show me a place in your soul to hide
cos life is far from over yet

"I'm not prepared for B and D"

50 shades of grey .....

Point to this is that the 50 Shades thing was pretty much the only cinema choice for Valentine's Day.. who knows the repercussions?  (Sung to the tune of The Banks Of The Ohio)

I asked my love to take a walk, a little walk to where the movies play. 
so we could celebrate Valentines Day by watching Fifty Shades of Grey 
(Chorus) And only say that you'll be mine, and your arms I will entwine
I won't forget that Valentines Day when we watched Fifty Shades of Grey

Seeya later alley raita

I went down an alley, and I found a curry shop
I went down an alley, and I found a curry shop
And I heard somebody singing
and the song just wouldn't stop

Seeya later alley raita, after a wild crock of dahl
Seeya later alley raita, after a wild crock of dahl
Can't you see I'm constipated?
Don't you know you cramp my bowel?

Here We Go Again

Saw a social media post which posed something along the lines that those who are uninformed shouldn't be discussing what's happened today as such discussions were promoting the spread of racism. It's a well-meant train of thought, but I have a couple of disagreements in that

(a) The racism was always there- such events make it feel socially permissable for those folks to spout it, and I for one am happy to see them "out themselves"

The Switching Hour

They're going to throw the switch tonight to turn the filters on

Soon certan ways of thinking will be forever gone

"The New Age Of Serenity" they say it's going to be

but this gun against my head says that the bastards won't get me.


Waiting for "The Switching Hour" I think where this began

bank acounts and smartphones in the hands of all of Man

While the phone booths fled like Tardises, and coins to cash cards fell

and without your electronics you weren't anyone at all


The Russian Front

The Russian Front

The Russian Front

South Australia's Emperor Of Democracy

With apologies to Gibert and Sullivan 
When I was a lad, I served a term at writing words in Murdoch's firm. 
I made the coffee and swept the floor, 
and polished up the handle on Rupert's front door. 
Yes I polished that handle so carefully, 
that one day I became the State's A-G 
(refrain) He polished that handle so carefully, 
and now he's here for all to see)

The British are coming!

Ferchrissakes, the British version started under the name of the "Future Warships Project".  I've summed up how I see the situation in a wee letter published in the Adelaide Advertiser on Friday:

Of War and Paradise

The dragon's flame lights up the night as it pours to the ground

while we can only run in fright as fire flays all around

Five hundred of our warriors to Paradise have gone

While we toil upon the earth till we can follow on

Hi- Just Call Me Cyberman

To me the Alpha state you get when sitting on a shitter

gives one the perfect mode of Zen in which to think up Twitter

It's easy since the implant hooked us all up to the net

Hi, just call me Cyberman- you haven't met me.. yet.


With eyeballs set to HD I take Foodies every day

Status updates bore me, so I've found a better way-

a realtime channel open that everyone can get

Hi, just call me Cyberman- you haven't met me.. yet.


The Year Of The Sheep- why I support Scottish Independance

The vote for Scottish Independance has reminded me to write a little of how my Mother's Ross family came to Austraila.  Basically we were booted out by the English so our crofts could become sheep stations.  We were told by the Church that we were being punished by eviction for the sins of our ancestors (Last time I went to the Church in Bonar Bridge, where the refugees camped before the international diaspora, you could still see the words "the wicked generation" scrawled in a window) and so we went... but not quite..

Finally, the Halliburton Uranium "Fast-track"

On hearing the news this arvo of how Tony's off to Inda to hand over our uranium, I dug up my notes here from exactly 8 years ago.  This reprint might contain useful background information for anyone keen on following what's (probably this time, maybe?) about to unfold:

When Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar and a "cast of thousands" of Australian dignitaries launched the Adelaide-Darwin in early 2004 everybody was talking about what a boon to Australian exports Mr Cheney's conquest of the Australian desert would be.  Of course, nobody was talking about uranium at the time....

Well, the inevitable has happened, and we're going to see boxcars of yellowcake trundling from Adelaide to Darwin within the next few years,   Immediately following the announcement of opening of a new Australian uranium mine (at Honeymoon in South Australia's far north east

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