Thursday 4th of June 2020


money, money, money...


What on earth is the stock market doing?

Death and despair are all around. The number of people filing for unemployment benefits each of the last two weeks was about 10 times the previous record — and is probably being artificially held back by overloaded government systems. Vast swaths of American business are shuttered indefinitely. The economic quarter now underway will most likely feature Great Depression-caliber shrinkage in economic activity.

what about a novel?...

the plague
Coronavirus: Is it too soon for a movie about it?

solving the endless waste and pollution from humanity?...


Scientists have found that the world's oceans are surprisingly resilient, despite the endless waste and pollution humanity has invoked on them. 

the dogs of coronavirus as seen from the other side of the planet...


My friend Jules Letambour wanted to post a short blog on this site in regard to “our situation”… He guesses that Covid19 has been purposely designed to change the world and you… Gus.

easter bunny declared an ‘essential service’. what about the easter bilby?...

bilbies of the world

The Easter long weekend is looming – and while it’s hardly a typical holiday break, there will still be plenty wanting to spend their days at home indulging in good food and chocolate.

not just the end of humanity as we know it...

coronaptonite...   If the coronavirus ends up killing off the comic book industry, it will be a grave they’ve dug themselves.

the false daylight...


The country was lovely in the spring. The upland were green with tall grass, the ponds were full, and the whole valley bursting into life.

some confusion about fishing...


Anglers and boaties hoping to escape to the sea for a break this Easter need to think again.

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