Thursday 23rd of May 2019


the great divide...


America’s Apartheid of Dollars

Forget race: the real dividing line is class, with identity politics there to distract us into submission.


“See, in America we have this thing about ‘people of color.’ POC. I think you’re one.” That was me explaining all things American to a visitor. He was actually from Spain, so he was Spanish, not Hispanic. We were trying to figure out whether he was a POC.

more lies about their lies as they try to fool you some more, 16 years later...


Ari Fleischer, the former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, ignited a firestorm of controversy Wednesday when, while commenting on the 16th  anniversary of the U.S invasion of Iraq, he sought to defend the reputation of his boss when it came to the veracity of the claims about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that underpinned President Bush’s case for war. 

the bad feeling of brexit's success or failure: boris is wearing a ski mask...


Boris Johnson recently had his hair cut short. In the past few weeks, he has visibly lost weight. He has even learned to hold his tongue. When the former British foreign secretary left parliament in Westminster last Tuesday, he was, as always, confronted by journalists. But the man who otherwise never avoids a microphone pushed his ski hat down and walked off.

uncle rupe saves the planet...

uncle rupe saves the planet...

Americans should not be fooled by the Stalinist tactics being used by the White House to try to discredit the findings of mainstream climate science.

when Василий Александрович Архипов saved the world...


History gets in the way of the future. It prevents us to release the peace doves, as they would get shot by the next psycho with a gun. 

hypocritical self-authoritarianization before we start...


Robert Kagan warns us about global authoritarianism:

three little wishes for the master...

master rupe

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp wants Australia to break up Alphabet-owned Google.

most of the characters have moved on, but the problem they created has gone worse: greed on credit...

greed on credit

Debt is higher than before the global financial crisis, making the world vulnerable to economic and market shocks, S&P Global Ratings has warned.

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