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Australias crisis (Tom Kelsey)

Words, to describe matters, can sometimes fail people yet there is no doubt in my mind. Margo confirms for me that Australia is in crisis if we continue to tolerate Howard and his oligarchy any more. Enough of the lies, the outrageous disregard of social contract, and the insipid toadies who give legitamacy to this disastrous hegemony. The time has come for each and every one of us to reclaim our past heritage and rid ourselves of such fascists.

Where is your 'Judeo-Christian' Love, John? ()

Very long post - please forgive.

If you care about where this country is headed then you should take the time to read all of Thursday's Hansard speeches from the laughably-truncated Marriage Bill 2004 'debate', but you should in particular read Senator Brian Greig's and Senator Andrew Bartlett's. First, though, you should read the PM's speech to the National Marriage Forum in Parliament's Great Hall the previous week, to see where his standard 'dog-whistling/wedging' stump tactics have now led both the Liberal Party and the country: to the hitherto unthinkable juncture whereby religious fundamentalism is explicitly driving secular legislative change. Browse the pale, grim, joyless, loveless faces in those podium photos; skim their grim, strident, humorless, loveless speeches; sense the aggressively populist, simplistic, barren, lovel

A wonderful eye opener. (Mark Holmes)

Margo, thank you.

As just a twenty year old I am yet to participate in my first federal election and consequently the past year I have increasingly become interested in the running of our country and the politicians who are meant to represent us on our behalf. The book has given me great motivation as a citizen, enabling myself to write to local political representatives voicing my opinion, worries as well as asking questions about the current free trade agreement with the United States.

Secondly, the book has spurred on my inquisitive side into politics and I have now undertaken an 'Australian Politics' subject at university as an elective. Allowing me to further understand the system meant to represent us as well as further contemplate becoming directly involved in the political system itself.

Great that someone goes the distance to shed some light on the Howard darkness. (Rob Parkhouse)

I wish I could say I'm enjoying your book Margo but in a way it is depressing.

Like you I didn't think it a bad thing when Howard first won government, I thought it good for democracy that governments change regularly. I admired his stance on gun control and Australia's intervention in East Timor. There is not much more good I can say about John Howard.

I also lobbied the independent senators to defeat the cross media legislation and feel I at least played a very small part in its defeat. The detailed expose on the political and moral corruption during the Bush vist in 2003 appalled me. As I said to my local (Liberal) member, I can live with a coalition government, I just want the barren Howard years to end and for the Liberal party to become liberal once again.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Overwhelmed by emails, MK in Adelaide, John Valder on <i>Sunday</i> ()

Hi all.

'Scuse us if we're taking a while to get back to you on your latest emails. We've been a bit swamped by requests for stickers. MK's in Adelaide just now, but she'll get back to you asap. Also, be watching Nine's Sunday this weekend for a feature on John Valder's 'NHJ' campaign in Bennelong.

The Daily Telegraph mention ()

The Murdoch press have virtually ignored NHJ. Rather unsurprising really, considering the book takes aim at the Murdoch philosophy and concludes his vision for media consolidation is an anathema to a healthy democracy.

So it is with some surprise that the Daily Telegraph's Malcolm Farr mentioned the book at all, albeit in passing, on August 2.

Writing about the alleged rush of political books in an election year, Farr couldn

Angus & Roberston stocking situation (Cheryl Weisenberg)

Angus & Robertson here in Toowoomba don't have Not Happy John, even though they've got most of the other current political books. I asked about it and was told they could get it in for me within two weeks. I just bought it elsewhere instead (Mack Campbell's). I've emailed head office for an explanation and will let you know if I get a reply.

Small Businessman (Michael McCluskey)

I heard of your book via Steve Austins programme in Brisbane and requested and received it as a recent birthday gift. It is a truly disturbing book for anyone who cares about our country.

If economic management was the only basis upon which people could vote, then the Howard Government would quite rightly deserve to be reelected. It isn't and the Government's actions regarding Iraq, children overboard and refugees have illustrated they hold the people in utter contempt and believe they can get away with it. They are a government that has abused the ultimate trust and as a result are no longer fit to hold office.

What has troubled me for a long time is that both of the major parties do everything they can to distort and hedge on issues. It is little wonder why people generally think little and expect the same from our politicians. At the crux of it in my view is career politicans who are so desperate to stay in parliament they will say and do anything to get reele

A&R feedback (Derrick Ashby)

I bought my copy of NHJ from A&R in Melbourne, for what that's worth.

NHJ! (HA): For what it's worth, I'm pretty certain there is no conspiracy at a book-distributor level to not stock Margo's book. Instead, what people are finding is the result of sales far outstripping expectations very quickly. As a rule, booksellers sell books because of the profit margin, and not many would bother cutting profits for the sake of some political point in full knowledge that other shops will just say, 'Thankyou very much'. If individual booksellers here and there choose not to stock the book for their own quixotic political reasons that is another thing, but not of much concern to our democracy. There might be a fine line between a healthy nose for problems in our democracy and paranoia. I might be wrong.

Still, Angus and Robinson's reply to Cheryl Weisenberg might be worth noting, but I suspect it wi

Re Shirley Blair and compulsory voting (Derrick Ashby)

Shirley wants to know what other countries in the world have compulsory voting. Don't know the answer to that, but I do think that having it improves our democracy. How many other democracies in the world actually work as well as ours (as badly as it does sometimes work...)? She would like to ensure that only committed people vote. I sometimes think that being committed is just what the people who voted for our current government need to be. Most people faced with a compulsory vote actually do think seriously about the choice. The main problem is that they are not provided with the information required to make an informed choice because both politicians and media organisations lie to them. You only need to look at the United States to see what happens to a democracy where not only voting but registration to vote is voluntary.

NHJ! (HA): See also the comments of
I have thrown my lot in with the Greens. I am their candidate for Hughes in the nex

Seeking others in Brisbane (Robyn McGee)

The other day I read an article about the Reid group (I think - can't find the article again) and was wondering if there's a Brisbane 'branch' or if there are any similar groups in Brisbane or if anyone knows of any grassroots groups of interested people who have concerns about our democracy and the direction it's taking?

I'm sick of seething in silence - I want to get involved! Are there others out there in Brisbane who are equally appalled at the state of our democracy and have been encouraged by Margo's book to get involved? I can be contacted on

NHJ responds (AL): Check out for further info. I'm sure like-minded invidivuals in Brisbane are out there. If not, maybe you, Robyn, could start a Reid Group branch?

Television Campaign - I can make TV or radio ads (Darrell Rigby)

I want to take action. I own a post production company in Wollongong and make TV commercials, doco's etc etc for the Broadcast Television industry. I can write & make some TV commercials espousing the feelings of the Not Happy John book & website. To get them on air we need to buy airtime. If it could be co-ordinated we could all donate money into an account solely to get airtime and spread the message once the election campaign starts. We probably can't afford metro Television rates, but regional television airtime is pretty cheap. Grass roots democracy electronically - works for me.

NHJ responds (AL): This sounds like a wonderful idea. If anybody has any ideas and/or contacts in regional TV areas of Australia, don't hesitate contacting NHJ or Darrell.

NHJ! and the League of Rights (CILLA TEY)

I was googling 'League of Rights' + 'Howard', after hearing the rumour regarding Howard senior being a member. I was so surprised to find that they are selling NHJ! (refer below, I have cut and pasted from Maybe I should also check out!

BOOKS FROM THE MAILING SERVICES: 'Not Happy, John' by Margo Kingston: Solicitor, lecturer in business law and political commentator, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Margo Kingston thinks its crunch time for Australia. She tells us she isn't interested in the old, out-worn left-right rhetoric, what she is interested in is the urgent need for Australians to reassert the core values that once made this nation a humane, egalitarian, liberal democracy - the core values with which she agrees. We could agree with her on many issues. She writes that she is not happy with the way Howard: o He snuck us into the Iraq war without ever really telling us why. o Trampled on our democratic right to know. o Wants to give the Me

Such books don't make a difference ('Lewis Outrider')

Having recently decided that the mainstream media was not a place to get quaility information anymore I began to feverishly buy any books I could find on political and social issues. Having enjoyed some of Michael Moore's scathing observations of America I was pleased to come across your recent publication which has a similiar message pertaining to Australia.

For fifteen years I have been a stress therapist and have chaired a self awareness group. The experience was enriching in many ways, but I was left rather jaded. What I learned was that only about 1 in 20 people have really developed past the level of selfishness that one sees in a new born baby. Once a child discovers the needs of others he/she must learn to accomodate them and this could be be considered the beginning of real awareness.

This growth has become severely stunted in today's society and what gain there has been is usually lost again by the time an individual reaches middle age. (a person's p

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