Wednesday 21st of August 2019


just how far our media has fallen in only thirteen years...


In 2006, to mark the 30th anniversary of Harold Wilson’s retirement, the BBC release the above documentary: The Plot Against Harold Wilson. It details how, throughout Wilson leadership, MI5 and the CIA were engaged in plans to undermine Wilson – even to the extent of having plans in place for a full-blown military coup should the need arise.

a new leaf. finally, a solution for the middle-east?...


Secret tripartite summit in Jerusalem

by Thierry Meyssan

A summit of the national security advisors from the USA, Israël and Russia has been announced in Jerusalem. The aim of this conference is to untangle the imbroglio around the Axis of Resistance, guarantee the security of all the States in the Middle East, and establish a shared suzerainty of the United States and Russia over all the actors, including Israël.


looking at the gun barrel from different ends... or the right to freely fuck your mind?...

gun barrel

Something has rattled the uni. Ross Cameron, former MP, claims that Trump is the best mouse since sliced cheese. Should we let him speak in front of our malleable young kids polishing benches with their butt while they try to learn something?

the skin and bone of philosophical downsizing...


How can we not be confused with so many attempt by people to conquer our little brains, with an axe to grind or something to sell?… And they claim the high side of the street — that side away from the central gutter, and away from the overnight piss, that filled cracked chamberpots, thrown from the upper storeys of medieval crumbling houses… 

extreme risk of causing environmental damage by mining dam failure...


Five dams used to store mining waste are at “extreme” risk of causing environmental damage if they fail, according to a review by BHP, the world’s biggest mining company.

killing democracy...

defend it

David McBride was almost out of Sydney when his phone lit up.

It was his ex-wife. Something was wrong.

She rarely called when she knew he was behind the wheel.

make war, not same sex love...


The Washington Supreme Court has again ruled against Christian grandma florist Barronelle Stutzman who faces the risk of crippling fines for refusing to create floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding.

the old politics of mad monkey planet on D-day 75th anniversary — putin not invited...


In an embarrassing gaffe on Wednesday, the British Royal Family’s Twitter account posted photos of Queen Elizabeth II meeting with world leaders it identified as “representing the allied nations that took part in D-Day.” However, one of them was German Chancellor Angela Merkel - now a British ally, but in 1944, the Allies’ fiercest foe!



Thought bubble caption:

Donald: "I'm going to kill the guy who put me in this straightjacket..."

The Queen: "Thank God, someone put this pussy-grabber in a straightjacket..."

Melania: "Why are my boobs in a straightjacket designed like a Sydney Opera House?"

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