Monday 26th of October 2020

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and they want to rule the world...


Hello… Cleveland?

on his watch...


As Christine Holgate went through four hours of ritualistic flogging of officials and executives known as Senate Estimates, the website of a Parisian luxury brand might have started to buckle under the surge in online traffic.

racking brain cell after brain cell...


a couple of sick story… The first one is a story coming from The Playboy Book of Satire

the bullshit artist is now proactively evasive and inept...


The prime minister’s leadership in the wake of the bushfire crisis was widely regarded as reactive, evasive and inept.


an angel in hell on earth...



Assange would never receive a fair trial in the U.S., but he’s not receiving one in Britain either.

or the writing on the wall...


Does a late conversion somehow void the finance minister’s previous statements and the Coalition’s decade of shame?

america has a major toothache...


Trump has to go…. America has a major toothache. Doctor Biden and nurse Kamala will have to operate.



hope and change — again— versus the crazy uncle... if things were as simple as "hockey"...


"Every family has a joke teller, and he is usually bad news. That's right, bad news." This is the beginning of chapter XVIII "Uncle Ben and the Side-Splitting Knee-Slapper OR Some Words Are Loaded" in Jean Shepherd's "IN GOD WE TRUST *** ALL OTHERS PAY CASH ***"


Donald Trump has been compared to a "crazy Uncle" and Biden endeared to a “scrappy kid from Scranton” by Obama, now on the trail for the "No More Trump" campaign... By strange coincidence, one of my bedside books at the moment is the one mentioned above. It's an old-fashioned kind of read : "And so the bartender says to the guy...."


a lame excuse for sitting on their butts...


The Morrison government insists coronavirus is behind delays in establishing an anti-corruption commission, despite receiving a draft bill in December 2019.

the smell of US gassy desperation...


USA wants to finally kill Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas project

The US will expand sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. The sanctions will now affect companies that provide services or funding to install equipment on board the vessels that take part in the project. Such a move may permanently halt the construction of the pipeline.

By Dmitry Sudakov

The news to expand the sanctions was reported on the website of the US Department of State. Similar restrictions are to be imposed on the participants of the Turkish Stream and other similar projects.

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