Thursday 28th of May 2020

low blow...


From letters at the SMH (25/09/10)

Section 40 of the Australian constitution states that the speaker of the House of Representatives shall not have a vote on matters before it, only a casting vote in the event of a tie.

The pairing of MPs (''Gillard tries to lure Coalition defector'', September 24) in a disciplined two-party system is a practice designed to preserve the value of someone's vote when they are unavoidably absent from the House.

Pairing of the speaker has never been part of this practice because there is no deliberative vote to preserve. Indeed, if the speaker's vote was to be paired, then the speaker could effectively end up having two votes in the event of a tie.

In their eagerness to please the independents in the recent negotiations on parliamentary reform, both the ALP and the Coalition ill-advisedly agreed to pairing the speaker.

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has now reneged on this part of the agreement, for principled and opportunistic reasons.

Had the independents backed the Coalition to form a minority government, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, would have done exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons.

Chris Love Turramurra

From letters at the SMH



Julia would not have done the same as Tony!!!! That's a low blow coming from, possibly, a Tony supporter from Turramurra (rich Sydney North Shore "suburb") who wants to tar Julia with the same brush as Tony is tarring himself with!

Abbott's credibility is now dead, buried, cremated...

It looks rather like Tony Abbott's promise that we can trust anything he puts in writing, is now dead, buried, cremated.

Steve Forsyth Wagga Wagga

From letters at the SMH

What am I signing again?

And even from a less cynical perspective, the fact Tony didn't seek this advice BEFORE signing up really doesn't bode well for his credentials to lead the nation.

good track record at...

Ms Gillard attacked Mr Abbott for ripping up the agreement on parliamentary reform.

"He's acting like a bull in a china shop, thinking his job is to smash everything he sees up," she told Network Ten this morning.

"It's deeply disappointing that Mr Abbott would say yes to parliamentary reform ... then trash it when it doesn't suit him."

The government is holding firm on its plans to present Harry Jenkins as its candidate for Speaker, a role he has held since 2008.

Ms Gillard did not rule out speaking to other coalition figures about Speaker arrangements, saying the government was looking to honour the agreement "as best we can".

"I stand ready to honour it."

Manager of opposition business Christopher Pyne said the coalition will make good on the promise to provide a Deputy Speaker should Mr Jenkins win the Speaker's role on Tuesday.

But he conceded it will not abide by the agreement to pair votes for the Speaker.

"We won't be pairing the Speaker because we believe it's unconstitutional," he told the Nine Network.

Leader of the House Anthony Albanese wasn't surprised at the backflip on parliamentary reform, noting Mr Abbott had a good track record when it came to reneging on deals.


Gus: Abbott is a little shit. A disgrace to the Australian parliamentary system. Abbott does not deserve to be in parliament... There is more honour in a mafioso family than in Tony's camp... Unfortunately, it could be that most of his electorate of rich opportunists may also carry the sociopath gene — which I am more and more led to believe Tony has — considering by his dishonourable behaviour...

A bully with no honour but opportunistic bile... His lieutenants, like Pyne, are no better. A good track record at not honouring commitments...


Big Changes are needed at the ABC.

Three years after Howard's "New Order" was sunk by his own weight of innumerble lies and core and non-core promises. the extreme damage that he did to his "revamped" ABC was to cleanse it of any untidy balanced reporting by the ABC crew, from the top down to Quentin Dempster.  The latter was to try to convince people that while Quentin IS a balanced reporter, he is certainly NOT right wing ad therefore the result was not totally UNBALANCED.

It is interesting to note that the new and expanded ABC only became well known after Howard had been shafted.  Or was it because they wanted us to believe in the once trustworthy "Auntie" a lot of us grew up with.  Now we have (rather surreptitiously) ABC radio news; ABC Drum; Insiders; Q & A; Lateline and now that we have lost the only balanced and consistent operative, Kerrie O'Brien. 

Excepting Tony Jones's Q & A and Lateline which stand as watchable and believable - the rest are so biased as to make a senior Murdoch reporter to comment on Insiders that the ABC just follows the line of "the Australian"!

We the viewers, may be excused now from listening to the extreme right wing sarcasm of Heather Hewitt, late of the 7: 30 report.  We still have to avoid Fran Kelly of Radio ABC and a few others of note.  NE OUBLIE.


To Punish the voters by NOT fighting Abbott is un-Australian.

Mr Albanese says the actions of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his office to stop the deal going ahead have been extraordinary. (ABC NEWS).

"It's pretty clear there was considerable pressure placed on Mr Somlyay," he said. "What more pressure could there be than a statement put out in his name, on his letterhead, that he had not authorised?

"I can't recall ever in all the time I've been in politics a leader's office putting out a statement on behalf of a member using words allegedly from that member that were in fact the opposite of what the member wanted to say and then having to be corrected by that member, repudiating the leader's office. (Emphasis added).

"Mr Somlyay had agreed to support the Government on supply and confidence motions, he did so of course on the basis that Tony Abbott and the Coalition had agreed to these arrangements of the pairing of the speaker as part of parliamentary reforms, so what he was essentially agreeing to do was nothing more or nothing less than what the entire Coalition had agreed to do just two weeks ago."

 Is there any way that people would finally realize that "Murdoch's Choice" - Phoney Tony - cannot be trusted at all?  What does he have to do when you consider that he has the protection of the Murdoch monopoly and every Australian should remember that some two thirds of our media is directly controlled by that Murdochracy.  The Coalition "gang of 4 and a half - Abbott-Bishop-Hockey-Robb and the half Pyne have already condemned themselves for trashing the last vestige of honour that Parliament held to its heart after the decade of Howard's plundering.


Abbott's speeches are orchestrated and he does not answer questions - that is for the yapping Poodle beside him.   He probably learned that from Costello who pre-decided on his journalistic favourites before he had one of his so-called "locked down" media addresses. The tragedy of the Rudd/Gillard Labor government was their well intentioned attempt at honesty - that gave Murdoch and the Corporations the "weakness" they so desperately needed in late 2009. 


Only lately have the uncommitted become disenchanted with the absolute abuse of power and bias exerted by the MSM.  Unfortunately, we no longer have the stalwart journalists of 1975 who went on strike against Murdoch - they are long gone as far as I know.  So this power octopus has bought his way to el supremo and, with his continued blessing of Howard, he has carefully eliminated the awareness of the ever so simple regulations of the Charter he ignores so blithely. Harry Jenkins is a loyal Labor man and an excellent speaker - he was caught in a situation where his enemies in the Opposition used his fairness to snooker Labor's attempt at maintaining the so-called AGREEMENT that Abbott signed and reneged on.  Like his father, Harry will do the parliament proud as always.


And as far as the fast-tracking of Mr. Ensch to Opposition Whip - his statement that they may dump the entire pairing arrangement is indicative of his dishonesty and untrustworthiness. Wasn't he forced to resign from the Howard government when it was revealed that he had personally moved around his electorate destroying his opposition's election posters?


Every female journalist that I am aware of is anti-Julia Gillard - and that is as I would prefer it  - this Prime Minister owes nothing to those lobbyists and their gain from doing a "Murdoch" on Julia which will eventually come back on them - on that I am sure.  NE OUBLIE.