Saturday 14th of December 2019



Drawing my own

I took a peek inside the Keelty loungeroom last night. From the webcam that's hidden in the frame of that picture on the south-side wall. Now, before you get all soft, this is not about rights of privacy, it's about entertainment. Ask anyone who tunes in to watch Schapelle snivelling in the clink, it's about ratings and fat-arsed prurience. Anything goes in the ratings wars, eh Kerry?

There was Mick, watching Phil Ruddock in Deadly Justice (SBS Insight). The Death-Watch Beetle was being very clear, abundantly clear, the clarity was excruciating, that the arrests of the Nine Nongs was purely a police matter, and the government had nothing to do with it. That's P-O-L-I-S-I.

Mick was getting up quite a sweat, being cut loose in such cavalier fashion. But I suggest he makes the most of the opportunity. Mick should accept the invitations to the executions, and take his camcorder. The market for American-style bloodlust retribution (er, patriotic fervour) is swelling. Again, some call it lynching, I call it justice. Mick could collect the spent cartridge cases, have them engraved with names and dates, and make a killing on e-Bay. He could even pick up an honorary doctor of laws from the State Islamic University.

Flags, anyone?