Sunday 31st of May 2020

The inquisition was in no hurry...

The inquisition was in no hurry...

A long campaign

The Government will shortly begin an "information" campaign (at tax payers expense?) designed to counter what the PM says is misleading advertising by the union movement against the proposed changes. He says it will be a LONG CAMPAIGN and he is not concerned the unions' message appears to have won support in the community. He says the Government advertising campaign (at tax payers expense?) will explain how workers will be protected under the plans. "If they do come this weekend, they will provide "some" factual information," he said. Waiting for the small print...


From the ABC

Govt's IR ad bill stands at $55 million
The Federal Government has spent $55 million on its campaign promoting the changes to the industrial relations system.
During a Senate Estimates hearing in Canberra, the Prime Minister's department outlined how much the Government has spent so far on the campaign
Labor's John Faulkner added up all the costs for the committee.
"It's $44.3 million advertising campaign, plus $8.1 million call centres, plus $2.6 million booklet," he said.