Sunday 31st of May 2020

Tony blair is on the hot money...

The Kyoto Protocol on climate change is in the hands of the world's biggest contributors to greenhouse gas (GGs) emissions. BBC News has looked at how much they emit, what are they doing about it and where they stand on Kyoto. Here is the emission part of it taken from the chart. ANALYSIS 1990 to 2002 consumption United States 20 per cent Increase (USA Representing about 28 per cent of total world energy usage) Russia 30 per cent REDUCTION European Union 2 per cent Increase Japan 7 per cent Increase China 28 per cent Increase GUS ANALYSIS Now GUS's own calculations on sea temperature affected by climatic change follow as estimated: An increase of a full two degrees on the world climate by 2100 would have the effect of lifting the sea temperature by at least one degree (Ocean average temperature is 3.5 C). Sea levels would rise by around 2 metres after allowing for the lag time due to water entropy and some ice melting. (note: due to salt, the sea water minimum volume sits at a temperature way below that of fresh water which is at 4 C) By current observations world wide, it is most likely that this increase on temperature average is VERY conservative. An increase of 6 degrees is more likely to have occurred by then. This would conservatively increase sea level by 15 metres and rising. This massive increase is due the "semi-parabolic" expansion of water at lower temperature and also due to the melting of major ice shelves presently sitting on continents... Can we expect something a bit more moderate in between? For example a full climate increase of 2 degrees by 2015 would only create a rise in sea level of about 35 centimetres, but climbing. From analysis of past trends, as mentioned before on this subject, 2006 (-0 +2) is the year when the problem of global warming becomes extremely noticeable Not only we need to massively reduce emission of greenhouse gases, we need to start planning for the protection of many low lying areas. We have to plan for AT LEAST a rise in the sea level of 3 metres by 2100. If by 2050 we have not totally arrested GGs emissions, we can be looking at a rise of 50 to 70 metres by 2150... No bull.

Global Warming Ramifications

Amen to all that Gus. Problem is Mr and Mrs Average aren't interested and while they aren't interested and thus don't know what the future may hold, people like Howard and Bush can ignore the problem, as there is no public pressure, just a few wailing scientists. There won't be enough 'green electricity' to go around very soon so there will have to be nuclear power generation as a short term solution and the sooner the better, and in parallel the world population has to stop deforestation ASAP. The so called lungs of the Earth are just about on their last legs and the CO2 is reaching danger level.