Tuesday 25th of February 2020

It ain't pretty

It ain't pretty

Laughing tomatoes...

It’s a hard life, being an undernourished cartoonist these days... News are coming and going so fast! See I was planning this nice little cartoon with Amanda telling us some kids we’re not “technically detained

Win a prize

Ah, yes! Our Glorious Dear Leader (His Name be praised, and I am saluting the huge four-colour print of His Holiness, on the wall, as I write, so bugger off spooks) has sucked another speck of crud into his tiny mendacious brain.

That other genius, the Shrub, has let Bonsai in on the secret workings of the USA PATRIOT Act.

The wheels and sprockets are turning slowly by surely, and something unwelcome is being extruded.

Could it be the Treacherous Ambitious Mongrels Plundering Australia Act? Or the Thoroughly Empowered Middlemen Pleasing Overlords Act? Whatever the name of the black slime oozing out of Dark Prince Phil's skin, we should shorten the process by awarding the contracts to Halliburton right away. You know, just thinking about how safe and secure we will all be, makes me soooo comfortable. And I will have extra fries with that, thanks.

Wrong parts

This monthly update from DA Books may help, Gus.

Grant's dissector. Tank, Patrick W.

a more streamlined approach to cadaver dissection

Also -
On the take : how medicine's complicity with big business can endanger your health. Kassirer, Jerome P.

a very controversial look at the negative results of corporate involvement (pharmaceutical companies, HMOs) in the practice of medicine

The grand challenge for the future : vaccines for poverty-related diseases from bench to field. Kaufmann, Stefan H.e.;Lambert, Paul-Henri. The vaccines most urgently needed are those against poverty-related diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV. However, there is a considerable gap between the development of a vaccine and the implementation as a useful measure for disease control. Major obstacles need to be overcome even after successful completion of the preclinical stage. This book provides an important link between vaccine development and application under the particular conditions in developing ountries.

And, for Leaders who cavort with the Devil, -
Barebacking : psychosocial and public health approaches. Halkitis, Perry N.;Wilton, Leo.;Drescher, Jack.

Steve Bell deserves two links, and the old lie.

I love Steve Bell's work

Thanks I loved the uneasy rider but i had missed the other two....

a certain mindset .....

From the website of GSL:


Mandatory Detention


Mandatory detention is not imprisonment.


The critical difference is the absence of punishment.


Detainees are part of an administrative process to determine their status: there is no question of punishment. Inside the perimeter of the centres, detainees enjoy relative freedom and the presence of families and single persons of both sexes makes the centres very different from prisons.


It is a sensitive and complex contract, and GSL must comply at all times with the Immigration Detention Standards in performing its obligations (http://www.immi.gov.au/detention/standards_index.htm).


The company is rigorously monitored. Extensive training prior to starting their employment and then throughout their careers ensures that management and staff fully understand their responsibilities under the contract and the unique nature of administrative detention.


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