Wednesday 20th of June 2018

what a wiener sausage...


and I'm not resigning...

Married New York congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted sending a close-up picture of his underpants to a young woman, but says he will not resign.

The Democratic representative also acknowledged "inappropriate" communications with women online.

Mr Weiner had initially said his Twitter account had been hacked when a photo of a man's crotch was sent from it last week.

On Monday he admitted this was not true, saying that he had "panicked".

A tearful Mr Weiner told a news conference he was "deeply ashamed of my terrible judgement".

"I'm deeply regretting what I have done and I'm not resigning," he said, apologising for any pain caused to his family, constituents, supporters and staff.


Gus: his "sin", as usual for such cases, is having been caught out... Thus, first come the lies about the deed, then the grovel about the lie and then the grandstanding the deed is not a self-sacking offence. And these guys are in charge of protecting democracy!!!!......

see weiner sausage... to understand the silly tweet's long-winded gymnastics...

non to tweetface...

Radio and television anchors in France are no longer allowed to use the names of the social networking sites promotionally in their broadcasts.

The script has become cliché – the phrase that begins “Social networking sites like…” is almost always followed by the words “Facebook and Twitter.” But as of May 27th, the French are turning up their noses at the mention of those names on TV.

C'est impossible, you say? But the French cite a 1992 law on the books that bans the promotion of business enterprises on network television programs. And a mere mention of “follow us on Twitter” or “check out our Facebook page,” in the eyes of the French government, represents subliminal advertising and promotion of those platforms. Reporters are still allowed to mention the sites by name if the news story itself concerns one of the businesses, but referring to Facebook or Twitter in a promotional capacity is a definite non.

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meanwhile, a former presidential sausage...

US prosecutors have obtained emails between John Edwards and a former aide to use as evidence at trial that he knew about payments to his pregnant mistress even while he was publicly denying it, people familiar with the case say.

Dozens of emails were exchanged between Edwards and his former speechwriter Wendy Button as they worked on a never-released draft statement to acknowledge paternity of his out-of-wedlock child, according to people who have seen the messages and requested anonymity because they have not been made public yet.

The messages, draft statements and notes of their related phone conversations are key evidence prosecutors are using against Edwards, indicted on charges he failed to report nearly $US1 million allegedly spent to keep his mistress out of the public eye as he pursued the White House.

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cooked his goose...

Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal
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Caught in a maelstrom of his own making, Representative Anthony D. Weiner saw his support on Capitol Hill crumble after he admitted having inappropriate online exchanges with women. A brash and talented New York politician with many admirers on the left, but few close allies, he suddenly finds himself alone on a hostile stage.

No sooner had Mr. Weiner delivered a startlingly abject admission and apology — carried live on television Monday from a circuslike news conference in Manhattan — than top Democrats on Capitol Hill began distancing themselves from him and his behavior.

Several, including Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House minority leader, called for an ethics inquiry into whether Mr. Weiner had violated House rules or used official resources to carry on his salacious electronic conversations.

Representative Steve Israel of Nassau County, the leader of the party’s effort to recapture a majority in Congress, said Mr. Weiner had “embarrassed himself, his family and the House.”

Others said it would be impossible to support Mr. Weiner given the outrageous things he had admitted, the likelihood that Republicans would make a target of anyone who came to his defense, and the possibility that some of the women he had contacted were minors.

Then there was the fact that his confession had occurred, in the words of one top Democratic Congressional official, a week too late. “It’s hard to trust in an individual who already lied,” said the official, who like others interviewed insisted on anonymity because of the sensitivities surrounding the matter.

tracking the sausage...

A Twitter Group Warned About Weiner


Three months before Representative Anthony D. Weiner sent a photo from his Twitter account to a 21-year-old Washington State college student named Gennette Cordova, a small group of determined, self-described conservatives were warning young women on Twitter, including Ms. Cordova, to be wary of him.

Calling themselves the #bornfreecrew on Twitter, members of the group closely monitored those whom Mr. Weiner was following, taking it upon themselves to contact young women they believed to be “schoolgirls,” and urging them publicly to stay away from him, according to an analysis of posts on Twitter’s public stream.

By early May, members of the group were also speculating that Mr. Weiner would be caught in a sex scandal. The leader, a man who identified himself on Twitter as Dan Wolfe and used the handle @PatriotUSA76, is the same Twitter user who discovered the photograph that Mr. Weiner took of himself and sent to Ms. Cordova. He shared it with his followers and the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who made it public the next day.

cooked to perversion...

Weiner Quits House Seat Over ‘Mistakes’


Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a high-profile New York Democrat who had been considered a leading candidate to be the city’s next mayor, said Thursday that he was resigning from Congress following revelations of lewd online exchanges with several women.

“I’m here to apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment that I have caused,” Mr. Weiner said, adding that he had hoped to be able to continue serving his constituents. “Unfortunately,” he said, “the distraction I created has made that impossible.”

Mr. Weiner announced his resignation in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, at a senior center where he announced his first campaign for City Council in 1991. But while that moment was filled with promise and excitement, his resignation occurred in a raucous and circuslike atmosphere, punctuated by shouting from a group of hecklers.

Mr. Weiner tried to deliver his brief statement in a restrained manner, but struggled to be heard above the din of the hecklers, some of whom shouted vulgarities and one of whom called him a “pervert.”

The departing congressman, who did not take any questions, said he had been proud to serve the people of his district who “represent the same middle class story as mine.” He said he was stepping down so that he could “continue to heal from the damage I have caused.”

wife files for divorce same day...

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to trading sexual messages with a 15-year-old girl on Friday, tearfully telling a Manhattan court about the “destructive impulses” that shattered both his political career and his marriage.

The investigation into Weiner’s obscene exchanges with a high school girl in North Carolina whose age he was reportedly aware of was the culmination of a snowballing series of sex scandals dating back to 2011, when Weiner resigned from Congress to enter the mayoral race for New York City.

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Weiner and his wife have also been at the side salad bar of Hillary's email troubles...