Saturday 22nd of February 2020

Take care, John

I had an uneasy feeling this morning (SMH 01/09/05). I agreed with Miranda from the start. All those pollies who blamed the media for the demise and suicide attempt of former Liberal Leader in New South Wales, John Brogden, were just trying to shift the centre of reality. Some pollies, including our “there-is-a-lot-of-laughing-in politics

Dear John

Dear John Brogden

When you wake up from the fog of the little mess you're in (we all do messes — look at Zero-Tolerance-Dubya: the number of deaths resulting from his little war in Iraq and other catastrophes) you might consider reassessing parts of your life.

For my money, the best you can do is abandon the Liberal Party. This outfit, which had a few moments of brightness at some stage with proper ideals, is shifting fast towards a society of rulers and servants in a soft Hitlerian fashion... I hope this was not your style.

Join the ALP, or even the Greens, if you wish. Do not be afraid of the impossible when attempting the difficult.

We need people like you, with a bit of ambition that can be channelled, to help create a society where equality is not an illusion, where the protection of our natural habitats are set in the trees that are already there, and where our social constructs assure the elimination of outrageous privileges with polices rather than the maintenance of under-privileged class with ad-hoc charity.

Fight for peace with a flower in your hand rather than send gunning armies in far away lands that we screw up bad, then outrageously claim like little Johnnee did "we can't abandon them now at this point in time..." What a lot of duplicity!... We do not want that, you do not want that...

But whatever you do, please take care, take care or your self and of your family.

latest liberal party charm school graduate speaks out .....

Comments attributed to the minister for health, Tony Abbott, at the Kenthurst branch of the liberal party, 24 hours after John Brogden allegedly attempted to take his own life …...


"I just want to make it clear I have never told an inappropriate joke, I've never pinched a woman on the backside and I never make inappropriate gestures to women."


And elsewhere on the same day …..


"If we did that we would be as dead as the former Liberal leader's political prospects."


And on today’s Insiders program …..


“One of the problems with the NSW Liberal Party is big flapping ears & big wagging tongues & people making a lot of un-attributed, poisonous comments about others.