Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

abbott is a mad hypocrite....


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has set his sights on government departments, saying he will significantly restrain spending and streamline their operations if he wins the next election.

Mr Abbott is promising to set up an audit commission to look at every line of government spending and report within four months.

He has declared, however, that his paid parental leave scheme will be spared such scrutiny.

The Government has labelled the audit "a chamber of horrors" and is demanding Mr Abbott spell out where he would slash public spending.


Ah the little hypocrite takes us for a bunch of fools!!!: I would suggest he snips his own shadow cabinet first... Second he thinks that Aussies are idiots and he's probably right... But that is not an excuse... Wielding the axe through the public service and the government spending in this fashion reminds me of firms who went from profitable to bankrupt in a jiffy, JUST BY CUTTING STAFF to save money on the bottom line. it's the classic syndrome where investments in people and projects get cut till no-one is able to perform anything viable... This little dork has no business sense, no public service idea and should be THROWN OUT by his own colleagues. We should realise that to analyse government projects WITHIN FOUR months is impossible, which means that he has already a slash and burn wish list which we know is to cut everything from the NBN to your rights at work...

abbott is an idiot who takes us for fools...

Mr Abbott gave some hint of the scope of the cuts during his speech in Melbourne on Friday.

"Other questions that the commission of audit might ponder could include whether the federal Health Department really needs all of its 6,000 current staff when the Commonwealth does not actually run a single hospital or nursing home, dispense a single prescription, or provide a single medical service; whether the federal Education Department really needs all 5,000 of its current staff when the Commonwealth does not run a single school," he said.

'Easy target'

Nadine Flood, the head of the Community and Public Sector Union, says those examples are misleading and offensive.

"He used the example today of education, which is actually the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations," she said.

"They're about to have 3,800 staff - they don't have 5,000 - but they do critical work like the GEERS scheme (General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme) which actually makes sure that when companies go bust, workers get their entitlements.

"That is a service that people in our community rely on. It's like [Abbott] thinks there's 5,000 boffins sitting in Canberra working out what people should do in schools. It's just not true."

Ms Flood says the Commonwealth public service is already struggling with the Government's decision late last year to increase its savings program, or efficiency dividend, to 4 per cent.


media crap...


Yet another phoney war against red tape, duplication and over-regulation is set to make the problem, so far as there is one, worse for her politically.

Fresh from her thrilling victory against Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard has found another enemy, if this time with even fewer friends. She has decided to fight red tape. Apparently it's a bad thing and makes everything more complicated, costly and time-consuming. She's going to meet prominent business leaders on ways to fight this monster before the next meeting of the Council of Australian Governments.


Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/gillard-charges-new-windmill-20120306-1uigm.html#ixzz1oeWi8pLi


One can see how the media is pushing Tony Abbott BLATANTLY... Here we have the denigration of our Prime Minister to do something far more effective and discret than Abbott's grand plan to burn the public service. On the other side of the ledger, Abbott is presented as a FRUGAL... Think of Ghengis Khan as a FRUGAL NUT...


Tony Abbott today will lower expectations of what extra spending he will promise for the election, as he seeks to counter claims that his expensive programs would harm the economy.

Mr Abbott will spell out already flagged ''signature'' policies and say that besides these and a very few ''hyper deserving cases'' such as military superannuation, ''the Coalition will promise very little new or increased spending at the next election''.

The Opposition Leader will also vow today to bring in the auditors, saying this morning that a Coalition government would establish an audit commission to review government spending and identify where taxpayer funds should be spent.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/abbott-more-frugal-with-the-message-20120308-1un4r.html#ixzz1oec7Ekfb



Swan's analysis of the mining swindle is spot on but then we have the be-spectacled media:


It is true Swan is only targeting a tiny proportion of the very rich when he argues that their excessive influence in pursuit of their vested interests poses a threat to the Australian ''fair go'' and even to our democracy. But many in the mainstream business community don't make such fine distinctions. In today's economy, miners are what merinos used to be.

As this week's national accounts showed, many of the rest of us are riding on their backs. Swan's spray is to appeal to Labor's base - those people who are being prised off by Tony Abbott. But it risks harming, or at least distracting from, Labor's wider message that it wants to be seen as pro-business.


Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/governments-mixed-messages-confusing-hearts-and-mines-20120308-1un4d.html#ixzz1oeYkNdmA



To some extend the tone and the media massage here is what's confusing the issues. Swan's plan is VERY CLEAR:  The mining rent tax is to help reduce the tax on medium and small business. What CAN BE CLEARER?

The rich miners (SUPER RICH MINERS) digging OUR resources have to bend over for once. Ah yes, and remember TONY ABBOTT at the last election! He wanted to give these SUPER RICH miners 450 million Aussie dollars from THE PUBLIC COFFERS so the MINERS could enjoy the life of CROESUS a bit more... No mention of this caper in the press today?... Read between the lines...

Julia is not going to get one ounce of support from the media.... If she gets one, Tony will be given ten... The media stink... The mining rent tax is important, the carbon tax is important... But TONY's maternity leave TAX is not presented by the media as a NEW TAX... the swines. The present maternity leave is affordable. TONY's TAX is not...

more codswallop from the comentariators


When the Prime Minister fronted a press conference yesterday to announce a love affair with business leaders in the form of a new business advisory council to reduce regulation, the Treasurer was otherwise engaged. The Assistant Treasurer and Finance Minister made up the ménage a cinq, and the PM utterly skewered her deputy by highlighting the exception to his main point rather than the main point itself.

When asked whether Wayne Swan's attacks on a couple of high wealth individuals were "divisive and unhelpful", she replied:

"Wayne Swan is talking about how the overwhelming, vast majority - indeed he uses the term '99 per cent' of the business community work motivated by community interests and the national interest and we've just seen that on display today."

As the Prime Minister well knew, the point of the essay was not to praise Caesar but bury him...



A lot a untrue bucket-ful of crap heaped on the present Labor government it appears all designed to promote the newly announced economical restrained humble-Abbott... I believe in the long-tooth fairy too... Alan Kohler shows his hand... His totally bland economic report on the ABC should be canned altogether... His predictions and comments follow the sheep-yard economic mutts: "today the stock market took a tumble because the Greeks may be defaulting..."...."Today the stock market was up on the sign that the Greeks may be defaulting" and so on and on... even when the stock market is flat, something or rather Greek gets the blame, including a Roman fart from Bernanke... Coming from the ABC, Alan Kohler should shut up or be sacked... Is he like Alan Jones — not a journalist? Sure he is erudited and in his wisdom can quote ancient history about Ceasar... Meanwhile, let me say this: the Prime Minister knows Swan does a great job — at least 100 times better than a whishy-washy joe Hockey would. Why would she bury Swan?... Kohler only said his crap to infuse some sense of discord which does not exist... But will he lambast the donkeys on the other side?


media tactics, next + 1...

Methinks (I know) the media orgs are going to be nasty to Julia and very very kind to Abbott... till the last minute of the election campaign next year. Then the media will praise Julia... This is of course to claim "BALANCE" in reportage... 

The media knows by the time the media gives a bunch of flowers to Julia, the sheep at large would have bought the line that Tony is top cheese (which he is not)... But the media would claim "we wuz balanced" by the length of inch for-and-against copy without mentioning the "loading".

I call the "loading" in writen articles, the same as in a some discreet mathematical equation, the factor of "qualitative spin". Quantity becomes somewhat irrelevent. Some factors of "apparently similar value" are as far apart as on a scale from one to whatever. They look the same but the psychological resultant value is totally different BECAUSE OF THE HISTORICAL TREND attached to these values. Quantity only relates to the number of sheep...

Rotters — seller of crap with their hand on their hearts...

not all the media though...


TONY ABBOTT has made a pledge of political abstinence. With a few exceptions, the Coalition will promise ''very little new or increased government spending at the election'', beyond the ''signature'' policies it already has out in the market place. Faced with the claim that he's by nature a spendaholic, Abbott is committing to self restraint.

He's reached the stage of the electoral cycle where he is going to come under greater scrutiny, especially as Labor is likely to be on a more even keel now Julia Gillard has seen off the Rudd leadership bid.


Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/spendaholic-abbott-now-the-picture-of-restraint-20120310-1uqy7.html#ixzz1orYkggRF




What do punters and economists have in common? Both like to delude themselves budgets can be balanced by relatively painless cuts in government ''waste'' and ''profligacy'' without resorting to unspeakable, unthinkable tax increases.
Both like to imagine wasteful and unnecessary government spending is almost infinite and easy to identify and eliminate. Both don't like to admit the obvious: that what's wasteful to my eyes is vitally necessary to the voters and businesses that benefit from it.
In the punters' case this is mere wishful thinking; in the economists' case it stems from the libertarian, anti-government ideology hidden in their neo-classical model.
If you think Julia Gillard will have trouble finding the spending cuts to produce a paper-thin budget surplus next financial year, consider the size of Tony Abbott's fiscal credibility gap.
Actually, no one knows the amount of spending cuts Abbott would have to find to cover the multi-year cost of his many election promises. Pouncing on a figure his finance spokesman, Andrew Robb, once mentioned in passing, the government keeps claiming it's $70 billion. But the opposition has repeatedly refused to confirm that figure, or nominate any other.
It has to be in that mind-boggling



Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/abbotts-audit-will-find-all-the-cuts-he-wont-make-20120311-1usnz.html#ixzz1orZG2f8e



Abbott would not know how to use a dunny if he saw one...

the seminarian, the flipflopping toad and the politician...

A week ago, Bob Carr called on his new federal Labor colleagues to put aside the ill-feeling caused by the leadership dispute and to ''dwell a bit more on the horror of an Abbott-led government''.

''We could end up with a quite vicious, unpredictable, erratic Abbott government,'' he said.

Just over 25 years ago, Carr was part of a push to have the same Tony Abbott join the Labor Party.

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Abbott alludes to this in his book Battlelines, which he wrote during his brief wilderness period before becoming opposition leader in late 2009.

It was the mid-1980s and Abbott was in two minds about his career path towards the priesthood.

''At about this time, my yearning for the wider world was being fanned (perhaps inadvertently) by Catholic Labor stalwart Johnno Johnson, who on a number of occasions had invited me to dinners with NSW government ministers in the president's dining room of the NSW Parliament,'' he wrote.

As it transpires, Carr, then the minister for heritage under premier Barrie Unsworth, was one of those ministers.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/carr-to-go-after-the-one-that-got-away-20120311-1us9m.html#ixzz1ot2jvpfD

abbott's crystal ball is a rubbery black ball's up...


Incoming foreign minister Bob Carr has called Tony Abbott a ‘‘cheapskate hypnotist’’ and says that the Opposition Leader should be worried about the latest poll results showing a drop in his personal support.

Mr Carr, who will be sworn into the Senate at 12.30pm, said that Mr Abbott was treating the electorate as fools by relying on populist ‘‘slogans’’ rather than policy detail.

‘‘I think that it is striking that 18 months out from the election there is simply a six-point gap between the two sides,’’ he said. ‘‘I think it is very interesting that Tony Abbott’s support has gone down. Tony Abbott is like a cheapskate hypnotist in a run-down circus.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/carr-attacks-abbott-as-a-cheapskate-hypnotist-20120313-1ux2g.html#ixzz1oxMSrELB


I can buy a "cheapskate hypnotist" though I prefer sad silly nasty clowns in a rundown circus...


abbott is against business...

But Ms Gillard was unequivocal in her criticism of the Opposition's stance.

"I am very worried about the uncertainty that Tony Abbott's created today," she said.

"This is proof that Mr Abbott has become so negative that he is planning to vote against tax cuts for small business, vote against jobs, and vote against the Australian economy."

She says she has been "truly surprised" by Mr Abbott's opposition to a business tax cut.

"I never thought I would see the day that the Liberal party would join with the Greens to vote against a tax cut for business," he said.

The business sector is crying out for the cut which would reduce company taxes from 30 per cent to 29 per cent this year for small businesses.


tony is an idiot...

Tonight on the 7:30 report there was a segment on a Liberal Website that had some very strong racist comments... Of  course our little shithead Abbott made the comment "that we did not want censorship but regulations of the internet"... You with me?... Regulations or censorship amounts to the same bloody thing!!! The idiot is taking us for fools!... We need a bit more anger at his own Liberals mongrels....