Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Terrorising blind justice

Terrorising blind justice

War on ourselves

The new laws proposed by Johnnee — more or less supported by the weak-a-the-knees-sold-out Labor party which has given up any semblance of understanding what's what while frothing at the mouth from being put in the porky loop of the chief priest spruiker — these laws are abominations that won't stop terrorism in a million years. These laws come from the the under democratic-age leader of a bunch of hoons who relish terrorising proper justice. These laws are even beyond the most abject dictatorship. Are we going to live with these? Blimey! Stop this madness!

War on ourselves

Agree.   The west needs to attack the causes of discontent in the Middle East, Kasmir and Chechnya and get out of Iraq.

Hitler wore underpants...

Hitler wore underpants...
Tony Blair, John Howard and GW Boosh wear underpants...
Thus Tony Blair, John Howard and GW Boosh are like Hitler in underpants...


Even Tony Blair is working to make the Nazi party left of the Labour party with laws about glorifying terrorism act of the past 20 years... What about the attack on Iraq? No glory there sure...
What is this world coming to?

Second thoughts

The best way to squash this idiotic 14-day detention clause, is to let them have more rope. Give the stupid bastards the authority to pluck anyone from their bedrooms, and lock them away out of sight for 14 WEEKS, 14 months, 14 YEARS, or forever. Lock up vagrants, nuisances and graffitists. Gallop only has in the back of small mind the intense desire to grab car-stealing black kids, and clean up the streets. Likewise Iemma, Beattie and Bracks - wouldn't they love the photo-up of a homeless-free and junkie-free metropolis. Great for the property values. 

Sometime between now and bedtime tomorrow, their wives and mums will say to these vultures - "Just hang on a minute! What about if our young Jimmie is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the spooks grab him into 14-day detention. That means we won't know where he is. The local cops won't "know", either. We'll be thinking he's in the river, or in a shallow grave. 14 days without communication! F**k that, Steve!"

If they enact this clause, they will be very lucky indeed to grab the Harbour Tunnel bombers with the first sweep. Much more likely they will put dozens of innocent away before they crack onto a real one. There isn't any sense in having the ability, otherwise. It's about 'just-in-case'. The existing laws enable arrest on suspicion. All this does is to prevent the apprehendees getting access to assistance. I bet they've factored the certainty of having to own up to unwarranted seizures, into their political machinations. How are they going to face the media, when little Jimmie the MP's son turns up, having been thought dead? Well, by insulating themselves from the "operational decisions", and refusing to accept responsibility. But they will also look pretty hard into little Jimmie's life, and be very grateful for any tiny suggestion that he is not as pure as the driven snow. There will always be some rotten journalist who will accept the 'tip', and let the whole world know about little (innocent) Jimmie's private life.

Let them. The odds are they will lift someone from one of crime families, cause a lot of grief to the matriarch, and then we will see how tough these spooks are. A little kid missing from school, an amputated toe in the mail, and suddenly the jail door swings open.

 When they can stop heroin flooding into the country through established networks, arrest the gangs of identity thieves, and stop the  enterprising crooks from putting fake gadgets on ATMs to steal my dough, then we can have another look at at.

second thoughts

Not a bad thought - have you noticed the fact that Australia is now definitely a target because of Iraq is conveniently sidestepped?

everyone's a terrorist .....

‘Isn't a state that keeps files on innocent persons a police state?


This erosion of our fundamental liberties should be of concern to us all.


All men are suspect, but some men are more suspect than others (with apologies to George Orwell).’


Suspicious Behaviour On The Tube

Munich 1933


The Bennelong chapter of the Aryan Brotherhood is meeting tonight, at the usual place next to the local copshop, to plan next year's activities. Special guests include a serving officer in the AFP, one or two judges, a couple of right-to-lifers, some ministerial staffers and a tabloid leader-writer. Don't worry about the traces of volatile substances in your trouser cuffs, we have arranged for the district squad to be otherwise engaged - locking down a few blocks with a predominant Muslim occupancy, in response to anonymous reports of suspicous characters. Could Karl please bring his video projector so we can have a good look at the satellite shots of Canberra and Sydney. 2006 is going to be a cracker! So many scapegoats to blame ...