Saturday 30th of May 2020

And they all decided to rough up justice...

And they all decided to rough up justice...

Why not poke ourselves in the eye as well?

Our democratically elected government is not. It is not democratic. The decisions that are made are influenced not by the wishes of the people, but by the manipulators of desires, who then pass these as the wishes of the people. Democracy can only work if porkies are contained but it appears that more and more our social life is ruled by lies, illusions and secrecy. And those elected, in our States, to defend our rights are sucked in to that big black hole in Canberra, The conga line of brown nose is getting annoyingly long. For a fact these Labor leaders who are bamboozled by Johnnee should remember that he lied to go to war in Iraq. So why trust his secret "national interest" ASIO files that make him say with gravitas that we need new laws to make sure every one sits on a cactus every morming like he does himself while having a breakfast of bricks, mortar and white picket fences. Cactus, yeah...

the real extremists .....

The Editor,

Sydney Morning Herald.                                                   September 28, 2005.  


So, AFP Commissioner, Mick Keelty, won’t confirm (or deny) that there are 800 Muslim extremists in Australia (‘Suicide bombers justify new powers: Keelty’, Herald, September 28).  


Hardly surprising given that former ASIO boss, Dennis Richardson, told us only 6 months ago that ‘up to 80 people in Australia had trained or had close links with terrorist groups’.  


Given the government’s obvious & deliberate dissembling on this issue & given that it has proscribed only 25 terrorist organizations (all of them Islamic), whilst ignoring up to 100 others (including Catholic, Protestant, Jewish & non-secular groups), it is hardly surprising that the Islamic community feels that it is being unfairly singled out.




Who said 800?

It appears that a few brave souls are still intent on leaking the deception that justice and democracy are worth dying for.

The government has made these available -
1. A new search engine at, although who could tell whether some stuff is kept hidden?
I tried it on 'Regent honeyeater', and got a bag of hits. Very nice. On another search, it turned up a couple of submissions, one of which, in my view, poured contempt on the previous Office of Chief Scientist. My shares in Rio are moving along very nicely, thank you, and doing better since Bob Hawke is talking up the prospects of big, deep holes in the ground. Must be more careful, or use a pseudonym.

2. Web-based Election 2004 statistics available now at URL:

Bill Gibson (Neuromancer) blogged a link that looks promising CIVICS 100

And this could be a clue for our lame Opposition - Conyers on Arrest of Antiwar Protesters
... I am writing to request information regarding the treatment of individuals arrested on September 26, 2005 in front of the White House and processed at the United States Park Police Anacostia Station. ...

But I cannot, of course, confirm or deny any of that. Psssssst! ...... Laurie .....

the final foe .....

Do you hear a distant trumpet

Can you hear a clarion call

Or stand you idly dreaming,

And hear no tone at all  


Do you feel the earth a'tremble

As your enemies assemble

With war horse hooves abounding

And with challenge fierce resounding

Do you see the sunrise gleaming

On their spears and banners streaming

Can you hear the crashing rattle

Of the war drums call to battle

Or do you sleep, my friend,

And droop your head withal  


For while we slept upon our grave

And to the foeman 'vantage gave

We sowed therein which we must reap,

The harvest of our slothful sleep  


By traitors led, by traitors sold

For bloodstained chests of traitor's gold  


Australians rise or rise no more

For death is nigh the fatal shore

Honour now your fathers' blood

For freedom shed in crimson flood

Yet honour Him above all things

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings

For if we do He will abide

And He will stand and turn the tide  


Do you hear a distant trumpet

Can you hear a clarion call

Or stand you idly dreaming

And hear no tone at all?  


Martin Lear

Justice was made of stone

Now, in the hands of our gravitasly lying leaders, justice is crumbled into a bucket of shifting sands unless she's being turned into a prostitute of dilutioning salt to rub our wounds with..... Welcome to the darkening ages of humanity. Big brother has taken controls of our souls... No... it has bought our souls for twopence and sold them to the devil for three...

reaping what we sow .....

The Editor,

Sydney Morning Herald.                                                         September 29, 2005.



Three months without charge: what’s all the fuss (‘Terrorism laws may be even tighter’, Herald, September 29)?



A majority of Australians knowingly voted for a government that lies to its own citizens; pursues illegal wars; zealously & unapologetically imprisons & tortures asylum-seekers for years on end; illegally detains & deports its own citizens & connives to permit the illegal torture & imprisonment of Australians by foreign governments.



We’re simply reaping what we sowed.