Wednesday 18th of September 2019

Independent Candidate for Berowra vs Ruddock - Some issues covered in in MK's book have more to them than I'd thought (Matthew B

The main value of 'Not Happy John' for me was to be able to reflect on the significace of some issues that I have tended to brush over as a current affairs observer. I think I have become so used to outrageous behavious from the present government that it has become taken for granted. The chapter on the Bush visit is a case in point - I had taken it for granted that Howard & Bush were running this circus, but the chapter spelt out in detail the significance for our sovereignty and the integrity of our parliament of all of that. I am intending to run as an Independent against Ruddock in Berowra. I have an as yet underformed web-site - The main thing lacking is policies! That is not, however, because I do not have any, it's just that I have not written them up yet. There are feedback forms and an area for viewers to send in comments similar to this page. I welcome readers to check it out from time to time and watch the policies take shape, as well helping me out with ideas. Cheers - MB