Friday 20th of September 2019

The trashing of the people's house goes on (Andrew Bartlett, Democrats leader)

Congrats on the book - I've got through it all and it's a very good and thought provoking read. I gave the book a brief mention in the Senate - see (the debate is from page 24868, the reference to the book is at page 24873)

I draw your attention to the 'debate' in the Senate authorising more works around the outside of Parliament House, as it is germane to your section in the book which dealt with the symbolism of Parliament House and public access to it.

The good news is the big white Lego blocks will go. The bad news is other more permanent changes will now be made. Whilst overall they are better than the Lego blocks, they still involve significant changes from the original design. I'm not happy with the changes, although they certainly could be worse and some effort has obviously gone into trying to make the changes sympathetic to the original design (unlike with the Lego blocks). However, I was more dismayed that something so significant occurred with no debate and no consultation with the community, especially the Canberra community. The feelings expressed in your book very much reinforced my feelings on this matter.

Just thought I would let you know. The text of my speech will be in Hansard, along with some correspondence between the President and myself on the matter.