Tuesday 21st of January 2020

talking through their hats...


BARNABY Joyce is not going to be riding off into the sunset with fellow Queenslander Bob Katter any time soon, no matter how much the maverick independent tries to woo the outspoken Senator to his new party.

Katter's Australia Party is trying to get the Nationals Senator to join the fledgling party, saying it is the only way Senator Joyce can protect the interests of Australia's farms and agricultural industry.

Party president, Max Menzel was full of praise for Senator Joyce's recent outspokenness over Coalition support of the sale of Cubbie station.

"Barnaby made a courageous public stand within the LNP against the sale of Cubbie Station but it will be to no avail if he remains a member of a party that supports this foreign takeover," Mr Menzel said recently.

"Barnaby has a choice to make. He can stay within the LNP and toe the Liberal's party line or he can join with Katter's Australian Party and freely campaign to save rural Australia.

"It's time for Barnaby to wake up and go with the party that will reject the sell out of Australia."

Senator Joyce's reaction to the party membership invitation was in typical Barnaby style.

"They want me to grab a big hat, so I've gone down to my local country clobber store and told them I want to look more substantial than Bob Katter and they've set me up with a sombrero and two bandanas and two Colt .45s and my horse is called Chocolate Thunder, and here I come," he told the ABC.


the kat in the hat is hopping mad...

Queensland federal MP Bob Katter may hang up his trademark Akubra hat in protest if the iconic hat maker no longer uses Australian rabbit skins.

Akubra will now only use European skins to make its popular broad-brimmed hat, saying it had become too expensive to use local products.

It has been using a mix of local and imported skins in recent years, but is now shutting down its rabbit fur processing operation at Kempsey on the New South Wales mid north coast and buy processed fur from overseas.

Mr Katter, the federal Member for Kennedy, said he was "hopping mad" over the decision and would consider not wearing his Akubra in protest.

"In all seriousness I will consider my options," he said.


prophetic wisdom of the elders...

In 1971, Robert Katter (senior) as a member of Federal parliament for the Country Party (now the Nationals) was recorded in Hansard to say:


"I think the hard truth is at last coming home to the people of Australia, that these primary industries will be with us forever provided that they are permitted to survive."


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