Sunday 15th of September 2019

torture grilling .....

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‘The US government's leading lawyer defended the
Guantanamo Bay prison camp on Tuesday, saying detainees there were granted
state-of-the-art health care, good food and "unprecedented legal

Responding to complaints by the United Nations, human rights
groups, religious leaders and some national governments, Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales said the camp was entirely lawful and essential to the
protection of the United States.’ 

Defends Conditions At Guantanamo

Turning terrorists into flower pots

From the ABC

Former JI leader happy to re-educate terrorists in Australia
A former Jemaah Islamiah (JI) leader says he would be happy to come to Australia to help re-educate terrorists in custody.
The Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty raised the idea of "deprogramming" on ABC TV's Lateline program.
The Commissioner said a change of government policy would be needed for the idea to be used in Australia.
"Certainly in the policy preparation. We raised it in the context of the control orders, whether a control order ought to extend that far but at this point in time we haven't got a control order that's going to say that we're going to force people into particular deprogramming," he said.
In his new role, Malaysian-born Nasir bin Abbas talks to arrested terrorists about opening their minds to more moderate Islam.
"I give my advice to the police that I want to re-educate some of my friends, especially the new detainees or the new arrests. I want to tell them that they misunderstand about Islamic struggle and also misunderstand about the meaning of jihad," he said.
Mr Abbas says he has had "many" successes.
"People can change ... If we talk to them and if we give them a reasonable argument, a logical argument, I think people can change," he said.

Gus analyses...
Could Kelty the chief of the federal police adapt this technique of brain washing to drug couriers? Like the Bali-9 that his department shamelessly gave up to the slaughter in Indonesia with the overt blessing of the grocery store that acts as our government? A grocery store that does not "believe" in the death penalty but does everything to the contrary? And a grocery store that does not believe in torture but lets Mr Hicks rot in an illegal US jail?... Could we debrief the seditious Gus? Who knows...

Unlike the grocery store, this tirade was not sponsored by Halliburton

ambassador material .....

The Editor,
Sydney Morning Herald.                                                 March 10, 2006. 

Mick Keelty’s proposal to
“deradicalize” terrorists is an unexpected stroke of genius (‘Good cop, bad
terrorist, good citizen – but some see peril’, Herald, March 10). 

Just imagine the benefits that
would accrue to our society if this program was extended to deceitful
politicians, corrupt businessmen, tax avoiders, drug-taking athletes, disabled
parking rorters, chronic gamblers, the obese & “serial” silly conference

Well done Mick: definitely
ambassador material.

Rules with caveats and Gitmos

From the ABC

British High Court hears appeal against Hicks citizenship decision
By Europe correspondent Rafael Epstein

The British Government has begun an appeal in the High Court in London to prevent Australian Guantanamo detainee David Hicks from obtaining UK citizenship.

The former Adelaide man has held at the US prison in Cuba for more than four years.

In December the High Court ruled Hicks was entitled to a British passport because his mother was born in Britain.

But the British Government has finished a day of legal argument before the full bench of the High Court.

It is appealing against the previous decision because of Hicks's alleged terror activities alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Unlike Australia, Britain is opposed to the US military tribunals planned for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay and has successfully lobbied to have its citizens released from the camp.

A decision will come in the next few weeks and it is possible that either side could then try to appeal to the House of Lords.

hicks may still have the last laugh .....

Yes Gus.

And whilst the British have been seen to do something to protect the legal & human rights of some their citizens imprisoned & tortured by the nazikans, our own craven mob of politicians would rather pretend that David Hicks & his fellow prisoners don't exist.   

Nevertheless, the action by the British government in appealing against the High Court decision, that Hicks is entitled to a British passport, is grossly hypocritical & has been no doubt encouraged in the back channels by our own deceitful set of political manipulators.

In basing their appeal on unproven allegations, whilst ignoring the fact that Hicks & his fellow prisoners have been denied access to due process, the British government has shown itself to be as cruel & corrupt as the Bush administration & as dishonest & cowardly as Howard, Downer & Ruddock.

What these fools don't realize is that all they'll ultimately succeed in achieving is to shame & discredit themselves, whilst turning their victims into martyrs & radicalizing even greater numbers of their own citizenry.

One ray of hope for Hicks is the fact that both the British High Court & the House of Lords have shown themselves to be unafraid of Tony Blair's corrupt scheming & have repeatedly rebuffed their attempts to suborn the pillars of British democracy.  

Hicks may still have the last laugh.