Tuesday 19th of November 2019

from the cuckoo's nest .....

‘What possible version of reality could Cheney be
referring to? And they say he wasn't drinking before he blew the old lawyer's
face "clean-off," as Dirty Harry once said. Cheney is a member of
what is, perhaps, the most self-deluded and delusional administration in the
history of human civilization. It is no easy feat that something uttered by any
member of this gaggle of goofballs could ever stand out in comparison to the
rest, but Cheney's insanity is beginning to command attention like a slow-speed
car-chase on a Los Angeles freeway. 

Cheney isn't merely trying to
convince the world and American people that Iraq is on the verge of utopia. He,
like most crazy people, actually believes the strange voices in his head - he
listens to them just like Pat Robertson attends to those in his empty skull.
Not convinced Dick Cheney is certifiably insane? 

"I think we are going to
succeed in Iraq, I think the evidence is overwhelming," Cheney

What more proof is required?’ 

Certifiably Insane

harpo, chico & groucho .....

‘And now, along comes the former prime minister of Iraq,
Ayad Allawi, who says the country has fallen into civil war. Not so, claims the
vice president of the United States of America. "What civil war?"
asks the man who mistook a lawyer for a quail, "I don't see any civil war.” 

A civil war was not supposed to
happen. According to new conservative theory when a nation finally gets the
golden gift of democracy, history comes to a halt. No more civil wars. No more
revolutions. No more upheavals. 

Why bother with bloodshed when
you can just go to the polls and rob your neighbours legally?’ 

Some Still Resist The
Empire’s Benevolence

Cheney's roadie

From the NY Times

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Cheney's Needs on the Road: What, No NPR?
Published: March 24, 2006
WASHINGTON, March 23 — Vice President Dick Cheney may be a rock star only to his most ardent Republican supporters, but he has on-the-road demands just like the Rolling Stones. Still, Mr. Cheney appears easier to please than Mick Jagger or Keith Richards.

At least that was the evidence from "Vice Presidential Downtime Requirements," the heading of a document posted Thursday on the Smoking Gun Web site and confirmed as authentic by Mr. Cheney's office.

The document listed 13 requirements. Among them were these: All televisions sets in Mr. Cheney's hotel suite should be tuned to Fox News, all lights should be on, and the thermostat set at 68 degrees. Mr. Cheney should have a queen- or king-size bed, a desk with a chair, a private bathroom, a container for ice, a microwave oven and a coffee pot, with decaf brewed before arrival.

The vice president should also have four cans of caffeine-free Diet Sprite and four to six bottles of water. He must have the hotel restaurant menu, with a copy faxed ahead to his advance office. If his wife is with him, she should have two bottles of sparkling water, either Calistoga or Perrier....

Gus would also add a double-barrel shotgun on that list, with some ammo just in case some quails fly pass... If so, just "duck"....

Sure, but what about winning "American Idiot"?

From the Scotsman

Cheney: "If Democrats can lead, then I can sing"
By Barbara Liston

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday rejected charges by Democrats that the Bush administration was mishandling Iraq and said: "If they are competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on American Idol."

During a campaign stop in Orlando, Cheney predicted that national security would dominate congressional elections in November and sought to rally Republicans amid dwindling popular support for President George W. Bush.

In Washington, Democratic National Committee spokesman Luis Miranda called the criticism of his party an attempt to divert attention from the situation in Iraq, which is torn by violence three years after the U.S.-led invasion.

Referring to a notoriously acerbic judge on the American Idol television talent contest, Miranda said, "Simon Cowell is more loved than this administration and its failed Iraq policy. Cheney wouldn't last long on American Idol."

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