Saturday 16th of November 2019

dealing with civil disobedience .....

It’s time to resolve “Iemma’s

Why not immediately resume
“Scully’s Gully”, declare it a sacred site & rename it “Gallipoli Heights”:
a multi-purpose public venue dedicated to the promotion, preservation &
veneration of core Australian values, including our contempt for the folly of
war, PPAs & well meaning but incompetent politicians. 

This magnificent, custom-built
venue would become the national focal point for our discontented citizenry,
where they could engage in all forms of civil disobedience – mob violence; car
trashing; flag waving & burning; public boozing & brawling & other
popular “nation building” pursuits - without interference from the rest of the

What better place than the middle
of the Prime Minister’s electorate of Bennelong to organise “cross-cultural”
exchanges & expose newcomers to our noble values, with special
"Wardens of Australian Culture" appearing regularly to educate the
populace on correct "cultural behaviour": like Danna Vale on racial & religious tolerance & understanding; Steve Vizard on Australian business ethics; Trevor Flugge
on corporate governance & Dick Pratt on the importance of

The “bus only” lanes would allow
for fast & efficient public access to organized public events: like a
monthly “road rage” day or a new generation of reality TV programs, featuring
the real-life experiences of disaffected users of our health, education &
transport systems, whilst Graffiti Artists could work out of sight &
unhindered on the walls of the shiny new tunnel. 

The state government’s new mobile
water cannon could be centrally located within this new bomb-proof public
entertainment venue & be available to provide free car washes, as well as a
cooling-off service for the over-heated & over-excited. 

Tolls on all other Sydney
tunnels, freeways & the Harbour Bridge could be lifted. A “user-pays”
entrance fee to Gallipoli Heights could be charged, with the proceeds being
shared between existing infrastructure operators & state treasury. 

Organised Public Terra: another
brilliant Aussie innovation: “Oi, Oi, Oi”.