Sunday 26th of January 2020

another "poof" from the parallel universe .....

On the move again

From the NY Times
Once Protected by Hussein, Palestinians Suffer Backlash
Published: March 24, 2006
BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 24 — The bill of death appeared overnight on Thursday, addressed to "the Palestinian traitors," and the killers were specific in their intent.

"We warn you that we will eliminate you all if you don't leave the area for good within 10 days," the leaflet said. It was signed by a group calling itself the Judgment Day Battalion, and it was scattered in front of the homes of Palestinians in Al Hurriya, a northern Baghdad neighborhood.

"We are ready to leave Iraq — if we have the chance," a Palestinian resident of Al Hurriya said today, declining to provide his name for fear of retribution. "This is the opinion of everyone here."

He added, "We feel unsafe — and today is better than tomorrow."

Two busloads of Palestinians fleeing violence in Baghdad were encamped today near Iraq's western border hoping to gain refuge in Jordan and have rebuffed the Iraqi government's attempts to draw them back to the capital. Their arrival at Jordan's gate last Sunday, and attempts to enter without proper transit permits, prompted Jordanian authorities to close the border for several days.

Gus business:

I guess it was Saddam who invented the phrase "You;re with me or against me" happily appropriated by El Bonsaio of the USA... And from a tinpot dictator to the most powerful idiot in charge of the most powerful armies ever assembled in all times: "Poof!"

In the meantime more people suffer, more people die, more people are displaced with the idea that it is for the best... the best of war profits.