Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

bad people .....

‘How three young men from the UK
ended up in the world's most notorious prison. 

Every American Should Be Required
To Watch This Video. 

This docudrama shows the sadism
and stupidity of the US and British soldiers. The guards behave with the same
cruelty you expect to see from SS officers in lurid second world war movies. It
takes a moment or two to realize that these events reflect the reality of those
held in Americas notorious gulag.’ 

 The Road
To Guantánamo 

update from the rum corps .....

Crowd anger after fatal
shootings ….

March 30, 2006

‘Two people were arrested last
night at the site of a fatal double shooting after hundreds of neighbours
flooded the street. Two young men were gunned down on Blaxcell Street, in
Granville, western Sydney, about 11.15pm (AEDT) yesterday. 

One man died where he fell while
the second was taken with several gunshot wounds to Westmead Hospital where he
died a few hours later.’ 

Isn’t it just great to watch
NSW’s finest on the job? 

In response to this event, our
boys in blue immediately swooped & detained for questioning one Mamdouh

This action came in spite of
the fact that Habib has been under constant surveillance since his release from
the hell-hole of Guantanamo Bay. And, in spite of that surveillance, Habib’s
home continues to be the subject of burglaries, which NSW detectives seem
unable to solve.

Another fine effort by the
boys from the Rum Corps.

rum tactics .....

The Editor,
Sydney Morning Herald.                                          March
31, 2006.

“Misunderstanding” (‘Habib and
son in police clash’, Herald, March 31)? 

Mamdouh Habib & his son,
Moustafa, were unceremoniously plucked from a crowd of fifty bystanders;
handcuffed, placed in a paddy wagon, taken to a police station, strip searched
& questioned for several hours, before being released. 

Whilst Police have confirmed that
the Habibs were not involved in the shooting incident, their personal
possessions, including keys, wallets, clothing & car, had still not been
returned to them as of midnight last night. 

Misunderstanding: more like good,
old-fashioned, harassment & victimisation.