Thursday 23rd of January 2020

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Ruddock threatens ACT same-sex union laws 

The Federal Government is threatening to block the ACT's civil union laws for gay and lesbian couples.

The Territory Government's bill will be debated in the legislative assembly in May, with the first ceremonies expected to take place in June. 

But Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says the Government will intervene unless the bill is changed.

Mr Ruddock says the legislation elevates civil unions to the same status as marriage, contrary to Commonwealth legislation. 

"For a territory to say 'well that's fine for the Commonwealth Parliament to have resolved in that way, we're still going to assert that a civil union is a marriage in all but title, and we're going to use marriage celebrants to demonstrate that', let me make it very clear: that will not satisfy the Commonwealth," he said. 

Mr Stanhope says he is disappointed with Mr Ruddock's position but admits he may have to amend his bill.

"Mr Ruddock needs to be asked what is his real concern about the ACT legislation," Mr Stanhope said.

"What is his real concern about my commitment to remove discrimination and to show respect to same-sex relationships and one has to pose the question is whether or not the real reason is that there is no place in John Howard's Australia for homosexuals."

a historic day

Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to legalise same-sex marriage following a landmark Senate vote carried live on national television.

The law, backed by the centre-left government of president Cristina Kirchner, was adopted in a 33-27 vote after 15 hours of debate.

In the largely Roman Catholic country some had reservations, but the law passed.

"It is a historic day," ruling party leader Miguel Pichetto said.

Opposition Radical senator Gerardo Morales said Argentine society has changed and stressed the bill was aimed at guaranteeing the rights of minorities.

The law tweaks the legal code which no longer will refer to husband and wife, but rather to "the marrying parties".