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industrial scale killers …..

‘I sometimes remember these
almost endearing fools when I find myself faced with another kind of war lover
– the kind that has not seen war and has often done everything possible not to
see it. The passion of these war lovers is a phenomenon; it never dims,
regardless of the distance from the object of their desire. Pick up the Sunday
papers and there they are, egocentrics of little harsh experience, other than a
Saturday in Sainsbury’s. Turn on the television and there they are again, night
after night, intoning not so much their love of war as their sales pitch for it
on behalf of the court to which they are assigned. "There’s no
doubt," said Matt Frei, the BBC’s man in America, "that the desire to
bring good, to bring American values to the rest of the world, and especially
now to the Middle East . . . is now increasingly tied up with military

Frei said that on 13 April 2003,
after George W Bush had launched "Shock and Awe" on a defenceless
Iraq. Two years later, after a rampant, racist, woefully trained and
ill-disciplined army of occupation had brought "American values" of
sectarianism, death squads, chemical attacks, attacks with uranium-tipped
shells and cluster bombs, Frei described the notorious 82nd Airborne as
"the heroes of Tikrit."’ 

The War Lovers

What weapons?

From lateline ABC

Bush, Blair had 'no evidence' of Iraq WMDs: lawyer
Reporter: Tony Jones
TONY JONES: Phillipe Sands, thanks for being there.


TONY JONES: Yes, indeed. It's extremely rare, isn't it, to get this kind of an insight of an extremely private, we should say secret meeting between two leaders preparing for a coming war. Tell us what you think are the main insights to be gained from the so-called White House memo?

PHILIPPE SANDS: Well, I think there are two really crucial issues. Firstly, the memo of the meeting of 31 January, which has not been challenged - its authenticity hasn't been attacked in any way, the contents haven't been attacked - confirms the decision to go to war had already been taken by President Bush, in terms irrespective of whether or not there was a second resolution. And the British PM does not demur from that decision. Secondly but I think even more significantly, the memo effectively confirms that there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I think it's clear that the material indicates that both President Bush and the PM had a belief that there were weapons of mass destruction there but they didn't actually have any evidence. And that's why they engaged in the type of conversation that relates to putting up spy planes because they needed to do something to provoke some Iraqi reaction in order to justify, if you like, a second resolution.

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As mentioned on this site ad nauseum, Gus knew a "hoax' was being created to attack iraq, by mid 2002. Not that the war was going to be a hoax but the reasons for it were... A bloody bloody hoax... Let's hope that Iraq becomes peaceful in whichever "democratic" format they choose, pleasing the US or not...

Selfless crusade

From the Moscow Times

Global Eye
Vision Quest

By Chris Floyd
Published: March 31, 2006

Once again we must take up the cudgels for President George W. Bush, who is being increasingly maligned for his alleged lack of strategic vision in Iraq. This chorus of petty carping from partisan dead-enders has been exacerbated of late by all the hand-wringing media reports about "civil war" breaking out among the ungrateful beneficiaries of the president's selfless crusade for peace and enlightenment in the Middle East.

These charges are, as always, pure bunkum. As we have often noted here before, Bush is pursuing a remarkably effective "win-win" strategy in Iraq, a highly flexible vision that is even now ripening to fruition. The savage militias, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, sectarian hatred and gruesome tortures that are turning Iraq into a howling moonscape of fear and chaos are but precision tools in the artful hands of the Leader, as he patiently crafts the ultimate victory.

The war aims of the Babylonian Conquest have always been obvious to anyone who concentrates on the operational reality of the action, ignoring the ludicrous cornball about democracy and security that Bush dishes out to gull the rubes back home. The reality clearly shows that Bush had three primary objectives in launching the invasion. First and foremost was the transfer of large portions of the national wealth of Iraq -- and the United States -- into the coffers of his political cronies, corporate backers and family members. Second was the frantic acceleration of the long-running, bipartisan militarization of America...

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our remarkable media .....

Absolutely Gus.

And how remarkable is it that the mainstream media, like the New York Times, the Boston Globe & our own ABC have just released this revelation, when the London Times announced it back in May of last year?

In my blog A Crime Against Humanity, I detailed the letter written to "junior nero" by Congressman John Conyers, seeking clarification on the issue.

Of course, the mainstream media in the US & Australia ignored the issue but, in a prescient comment at the time, Myriad Mint wondered out loud about the rodent's complicity in the conspiracy.

Of course, our little "prime preanster" has never actually been asked the question. It'll be interesting to see if Tony Jones gets around to it?

Safe as Bagdhad...

Things are improving

From the New York Times
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 15 — Dozens of Iraqi police officers caught in a deadly ambush north of Baghdad on Thursday were still missing on Saturday, and their colleagues feared that some had been captured by insurgents or killed, police officials said.

The Reach of War
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The American military command said 9 police officers were killed and 7 wounded in the attack, which began after nightfall as a convoy of more than 100 police officers was returning to Najaf from an American base in Taji, a trip of about 110 miles. The Iraqis had visited the base to pick up several vehicles.

A major in the Najaf police force, who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters, said Saturday that Iraqi authorities had accounted for only about 60 officers, including 1 dead, 18 wounded and more than 40 survivors who had returned safely to police headquarters.

The rest were missing and presumed to be kidnapped, dead, hiding or to have not yet reported for duty in Najaf, officials said.

Police officials at the Najaf headquarters said that when they tried calling the cellphone of one of the missing officers, an unidentified man answered, laughed chillingly and said, "If you are brave, come and get him."

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