Friday 5th of June 2020

Nuclear waste moved from flooded site to earthquake zone

The NT's latest nuclear target is on shaky ground.

Recent floods around Katherine saw the water rise 4m around the
fenceline of a proposed site for a nuclear waste dump in the Territory.
Locals complained that this extreme (though not unheard of) event, and
the regular seasonal inundation, should disqualify the scheduled site
from consideration as a nuclear dump for the commonwealth's radioactive

worries!" says CLP Senator Nigel Scullion, "I know just where to put
the most toxic and highly radioactive of all wastes produced in

So our man in Canberra refers to the seismic research
centre's records, and locates the largest earthquake ever recorded in
the NT (second largest in Australia).

"Happy now?"

After almost a full week of rumours furiously flying around the NT, the media finally broke on ABC with an interview with the disgusted mayor of tennant creek, and the following article :

Remote station may be nominated as alternative dump site

There is speculation in the Northern Territory that a remote cattle
station could be nominated as an alternative site for a national
nuclear waste dump.

Senator Nigel Scullion has intimated that Northern Land Council lands near Tennant Creek are being considered.

One of the few Aboriginal stations in the region is Muckaty on the edge of the Barkly Tableland.

Former station owner Miriam Hagan says while the area is drier than the
proposed Top End site, she would still have grave concerns for the
cattle country, if the rumour is true.

"I'm quite stunned actually and I do think it would be a profanity to
put that on the beloved place where my sisters and I grew up," she

"There are, you know, deep underground aquifers, so I think a lot of homework would have to be done.

"Probably a way out in the Tanami Desert, or somewhere out there would
be a better alternative. It is very surprising, quite stunning