Thursday 24th of April 2014

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has moved to increase pressure on the Labor Party over axing the carbon pricing scheme, saying it would be the "best possible Christmas present" for Australians.

Legislation to repeal the scheme is set for debate in the Senate this week but the bills are headed for defeat at the hands of the Opposition and the Greens.

Parliament has resumed today for the final sitting fortnight of the year.

In a video statement posted on YouTube, Mr Abbott has repeated his Government's assertion that abolishing the price on carbon would save householders hundreds of dollars.

"You could do a lot with $550. That's what every Australian household on average will get from the abolition of the carbon tax," he said.

"Now it's up to Bill Shorten and Labor to respect your wishes and abolish the carbon tax in the Senate.

"It would be the best possible Christmas present for the Australian people.


Key points

  • Tony Abbott has posted a video statement on YouTube calling on Labor to vote in the Senate to abolish the carbon tax
  • Opposition leader Bill Shorten says Labor will only vote to repeal the carbon tax if it is replaced by an emissions trading scheme
  • Environment Minister Greg Hunt says he is hopeful the bill will go to a vote in the Senate before Parliament rises for Christmas
  • Senate committees looking into the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes are expected to report back today




dumping the carbon pricing is dumping on the future...


Australia must drastically increase its emissions reduction target to 40% by 2020 to avoid “almost unimaginable social, economic and ecological consequences” from climate change, a new book penned by leading scientists and economists, including Ross Garnaut, has warned.

The book, Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a Hot World, sets out a series of stark scenarios facing the country should global temperatures rise by 4C above the pre-industrial average.

By 2100, annual rainfall in southern Australia is likely to fall by 50%, the sea level is set to rise by 1.1m and snow cover will fall “to zero in most alpine regions”, the book warns.

With temperatures rising by 3-5C in coastal areas and 4-6C in inland areas, Australia’s future will be a “disturbing and bleak vision of a continent under assault”, according to the book, which was compiled following two years of original research by its authors.

Dramatic climatic shifts will give Sydney the current day climate of Rockhampton, while Melbourne will become similar to Griffith in NSW. More exotically, the climate of Alice Springs will become comparable to that of the Sudan, while Darwin may become “in terms of climatic extremes, unlike anywhere currently on the planet”.

The Great Barrier Reef will “decline precipitously” with 4C of warming, common species will become endangered or extinct, and production in the key Murray-Darling food bowl could slump by 90%, leading to food insecurity.

Heat-related deaths are predicted to triple to 17,200 from 1990 levels, with Sydney set to experience 12 days a year over 35C by 2070. Melbourne will endure 26 days above this temperature mark, while Perth is due to swelter for 67 days a year above 35C.

Economically, Australia is set to experience “shocks and hard times” from climate change, according to a chapter penned by Garnaut. A 4C warmer Australia is expected to put severe strain on the tourism industry and the welfare state.


There is no two ways about it — the "carbon pricing" needs to be upped not killed off. The Tony Cirkus "direct action" fiddles have no chance of achieving anything towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions... And this is why Tony loves it — it gives his polluting mates some comfort cash with no proper result. Thus Tony is dumping on the future. He is a pig-headed dumb ignoramus on the subject of climate change in which he does not believe in. Tony never understood the concept of global warming and does not want to start now... He listens to Cardinal Pell before the best scientists on this earth.

The science of global warming is correct to 99 (100) per cent, which if one was running a business on this extraordinary figure, one would invest madly in it — like betting on that horse Black Caviar that never lost a race (except they had to retire the mare because it was creating certainty on the betting tracks — in regard to global warming, should we not invest against its inductors, the penalty is enormously painful)... But the concept of global warming is difficult and awkward for the simpleton people who, like Tony Detritus, need some basic comprehension away from hubris... Tony is all about hubris and no to this and no to that... and doing things arse up...

Hubris is the driving force in Abbott's mind. And unfortunately he's got a great supply of hubris... The tragedy of course is that should Tony be alone with his massive reserve of hubris in his government, some of his tiring colleague would tap him on the shoulder... But the ENTIRE ABBOTT CIRKUS cabinet is actually filled with dudes who are hubris junkies... 

Poor country...


junk adrenaline junkie...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has accused Labor of giving voters the "two-fingered salute" and is threatening to extend Parliament into the Christmas break unless the Opposition agrees to pass his Government's legislative agenda.

The Government wants to repeal the carbon tax, raise the debt ceiling to $500 billion and restore Temporary Protection Visas - all measures that Labor opposes.

"I want to ramp up the pressure on the Labor Party," Mr Abbott said.

"I don't think the Labor Party should get a free pass at Christmas time ... they really should be listening to the people of Australia.

"The public voted for a change of Government, the public voted for a change of policy and the public expect the policies they voted for to be put in place."

His warning echoed statements the Prime Minister made to a meeting of Coalition MPs in Canberra, where he praised the work of his ministers for what he described as his Government's "good start".


Is Tony Abbott on drugs? To describe his government's crap failures a a "good start" he must be on a substance that is either illegal called pot or prescribed called Prozac... Unless he is on junk adrenaline which is a high possibility — especially for over-pedalling cyclists in tight underpants. What is junk adrenaline? Junk adrenaline is the amazing hormone that gives you a flow of energy as one is totally deluded about the situation. Is Tony Abbott deluded? YES!!! Is he trying to delude other people about his delusion? YES!!! Is he the one giving a two finger salute to the people of Australia? YES!!! In fact Mr Murdoch voted for a change of government and the Australian public went like sheep to the slaughterhouse pushed by shepherd Uncle Rupe... No idea where the exits are...

another storm of the century...

A major storm has hit northern Europe, leaving at least four people dead or missing, causing transport chaos and threatening the biggest tidal surge in decades.

Dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed in the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland, while rail services were shut down in several countries.

One of Europe's longest bridges - connecting Sweden to Denmark - closed.

Tens of thousands of homes were also left without power as the storm hit.

Winds of up to 228 km/h (142 mph) battered Scotland, where a lorry driver was killed when his vehicle was blown over near Edinburgh. At least two other people were injured by falling trees.

Police have confirmed reports that a man has been killed by a falling tree in Nottinghamshire, central England.


Somewhere on this site about three weeks ago (I will find the link soon) I predicted four major storms this year in European winter... One down, three to go... It's only the beginning of winter and the isobars are not settled on the fair weather quadrant till mid April... Some people might argue or demand how would Gus know?... Easy — pay attention... There is global warming exacerbating the "usual" weather patterns in the 50 degrees north latitudes from Canada to England... Meanwhile the US are getting hammered with snow storms... Global warming?... You bet.

another uk weather prediction by gus...

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