Friday 25th of April 2014

pinocchios, porkyists, fibbers, liars...


It’s time for our annual round-up of the biggest Pinocchios of the year. This was not a presidential election year, so in some ways the subjects that needed to be fact checked were more substantive. In reviewing The Fact Checker’s more than 200 columns in the past year, we found an interesting evolution from statistics about gun violence to claims about President Obama’s health-care law. Our general rule of thumb held: the more complex a subject is, the more tempted politicians are to make misleading claims...

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the australian contingent of pinocchios...

From Tony Abbott to Joe Hockey in all the cabinet personnel in the government one is pressed to find a short nose... Take Scott Morrison for example... Well don't take him really but see how he fudged the porkies by hiding them behind a general,  who spends his time looking like a vertically standing deaded mullet... But of course every one knows that Tony Abbott is the clear winner by three nose-lengths, though all the others did as much as they could for a elongated stretch of the probiscus.

And it's not going to improve...

no summer wine...

Events in the first three months of the new Government show the Australian people have been hustled by the Abbott grifters and their many eager mainstream media accomplices. David Hortoncomments.

I'VE BEEN RE-WATCHING a whole lot of old DVDs lately — Callan,Dad's ArmyParty DownMonty Python, a very small glass of Last of the Summer Wine, and, of course,Groundhog Day!

I’ve also been watching Hustle

Although I've been trying to ignore Australian politics since September, since writing about it required more depths of gloom than even I am capable of, Abbott's latest antics, coinciding with a viewing of Hustle, sent a metaphor racing into my brain.

If you haven't seen Hustle, it is a kind of modern-day Robin Hood set in the forest of London, in which Micky Hood (sorry, Stone), his band of merry men, and Maid Stacey, cleverly outwit a whole series of evil Sheriffs, take their money and ‒ often ‒ give much of it to the poor.

So far, so the complete opposite of Tony Hood, his band of merry men, and Maid Julie, right … but bear with me.

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they lied and lied and lied and lied and lied...

After 107 days, the mean-spirited conservatives have decided to redefine “disability” writes Bob Ellis, who implores the Senate to force an early election.

AFTER 107 DAYS, it is clear the conservatives will redefine ‘disability’, as I said they would.

After betraying the whales and “liberating” Holden workers (their bosses couldn’t handle the world recession, so they should endure humiliation, and their children educational disaster) and the disadvantaged children, and after angering the Indonesians, the Chinese, the East Timorese, the Niuginians and the United Nations, and punishing the children of Tamil fugitives anxious for a better life, they are now kicking cripples, as tories in the past have been keen to do.

What a mean, sadistic bunch they are. What swindlers, what grubs.

Newspoll shows Labor up by 7 per cent in Queensland ‒ which translated means 9.5 percent ‒ and the dread penny dropping nationwide — they didn’t mean a word they said, they lied and lied and lied their way to power and now will dropkick to rich mates and rich foreigners the spoils. And it’s a pity.

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apology may wipe "public comments" but not mind-set...

A Liberal candidate has apologised for disparaging comments he made on Facebook.

Anthony Antoniadis runs a newsagency at Salisbury in northern Adelaide and is a candidate in Ramsay for the South Australian election next month.

His Facebook comments criticised the dress sense, hygiene and work ethic of some people living in the area.

Labor says Mr Antoniadis should be dumped before the close of nominations for the state poll.

Labor frontbencher Tom Koutsantonis says state Liberal leader Steven Marshall needs to act decisively.

"It is not good enough for a leader to stand by and watch his hand-picked candidate say these things about the people he chooses to represent," he said.

But the Liberal Party says the issue has been dealt with and the candidate has been counselled.

Mr Marshall says the Liberal state director has handled the matter with Mr Antoniadis.

"He's certainly been counselled against the comments that he's made and the embarrassment he's caused the party," he said.


Yes the Liberals (CONservatives) don't want their REAL VIEWS known till after the elections, when they can then treat workers and honest people like fodder, from the safety of being "honourable' members.... otherwise known as political pricks. But then the tone in Canberra set by Abbott and his regime is a low standard to look to. The people of the electorate? Who cares, the budding pollie has been "counselled" not to tell what he really believes... The Libs (CONservatives) should have a quick rethink... and give up...