Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

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The prime minister, Tony Abbott, says perpetrators of violent, alcohol-fuelled crime should face tougher consequences but said the power to address the issue is in the hands of state governments.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on Friday, Abbott said that while he “enjoys a drink on social occasions”, he is “appalled by the violent binge-drinking culture that now seems so prevalent, especially at ‘hot spots’ in our big cities’’.

Abbott said such attacks “should be dealt with very severely by the police and the courts”.


minimising binge drinking...

Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes do not mix. One of them will kill you before you turn 45. But when you add some steroids to this "lethal" mix, someone else will get killed in a show of useless aggression and "unrestrained" anger. 

Alcohol, steroids, martial arts and over-inflated ego mix well to turn idiots into lethal idiots... Society is full of show-off idiots, making up for duplicitous show-off idiot politicians... I don't know what I mean, but I said it, thus it must be true.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem, especially amongst young adults in this country. Any countries. In fact, the idea would be to ban alcohol consumption till adults are at least 25, or start training earlier, say from the age of seven.


In most European countries, there was no such age limit. I don't know now... Kids were raised with the help of fermented juices (wine, schnapps, liquor) and with the reach of adulthood no-one would drink "too much"... Hum hum. Medical treatment included cocaine and brandies for kiddies... It worked! There were "no" problem of abuse... Hum... Well, not that I can remember, I might have been too whatevered... Okay, there was "abuse" but it was not seen in public. Hum hum... that's a lie... Most young men were sent to war to fill trenches with dead bodies. There, wine and distilled alcohol were used to give "courage (!)" and silly bravado to troops going on useless assault daily by the thousands... War was mostly fuelled by wine for drunks, including elegant generals... After World War Two, Occupying US troops were usually found pissed at various bars and brothels around Europeans towns — soldiers collected at curfew, like dead bags of potatoes, by the Military Police.

Nothing changes much. In an elevated society, alcohol should not be "abused"... War should not be abused... Hum... Hum... These days, the "brainwashing of war" is performed skilfully without alcohol, but possibly with amphetamines and "rigourous" training, to give young men and women the will to kill "responsibly" without loosing their own life, in a one on one combat, from the armchair of a drone controlling unit while the enemy is decided upon by a computerised NSA/CIA information desk. The other side often uses the focusing power of caffeine and religious "brainwashing" to enlighten suicide bombers... Booze here would be negative, because in "moderate" quantity booze has a tendency to make people feel good, relaxed and unwilling to fight.


Something do change...

As if there were never any brawls in Sydney's bars somewhere... The "smart" idea would be for young people to avoid "such places" where they know the risk of trouble is higher, then to drink in "moderation" (3 standard drinks per revelling night at home — that boring place with the turdy wallpaper) and then go for some fresh air, pondering about the meaning of life under the stars — till the moment Prince Charming or Princess Fairlight turns up for them to be hormonically happy together ever after. Soon the level of violence would diminish as lack of patronage would send "these places" broke...


Cigarettes, coffee and booze will kill you before you're 45 by whatever cancer (brain, throat, liver, lung). Cigarettes being the main culprit in the mix... even if booze is abused in moderation.


Culprit of deadly assaults whatever their excuses should be made to perform a simulated game of survival in a strong enclosure until they die of exhaustion...


And girls spewing in the gutter from binge drinking is not a good look...


Meanwhile, prime Ministers in glasshouses should not be heard... nor seen...


... and CO2 in the atmosphere will kill far more people through global warming than a one-punch drunk... Go tell this to Abbott the idiot denialist...


Gus Leonisky

Your alcohol drinker expert.

abbott's idiotic doom...


IT WILL BE SEEN by historians, probably, that this last week sealed Abbott’s doom.

His appointment of the needlessly divisive Goodes instead of, say, Noel Pearson or Cate Blanchett or Baz Luhrmann or Brad Haddin as Australian of the Year; the story of the blinding and the burnt hands of a crimeless Somalian and the hiding of available film of this event; the destruction of the Shepparton district for want of the price, per taxpayers, of a cappuccino in the coming decade; the warning to Toyota that Australia is closed for business; and his attack on the ABC and Turnbull’s defence of it, show a government tottering, and a leadership addled, like none since the final days ofBilly McMahon.

Those who want a measure of this should hear Tony Eastley’s interview with Scott Morrison and the bureaucrato-babble with which he refuses to clarify things by providing video of what happened, and refuses to say how many boats this month, this year, have headed towards Australia. A new word, scottmobbledigook, arrived in the language and will hereafter, probably, lodge there.

It is now certain there has been no crazier immigration minister in our history, repeatedly invading hostile foreign waters and ordering the torture of a Somalian worse than he got at home, and so unwelcome he tried to suicide. It is probably there has been no worse foreign minister shouting at her mortified Chinese opposite number and lecturing that great country, and significant customer, on its internal politics. It is certain there has been no worse education minister — calling ‘Conski’ a system he later embraced, and then proposed to starve. It is probably there has been no worse treasurer, refusing to say what decade he would have us back in surplus and pondering, lately, the privatisation of the most esteemed broadcaster in this hemisphere in order to save the taxpayer two dollars a week in perpetuity.

And there may have been no worse backbencher, ever, than Cory Bernardi, who compared gay marriage to the copulation of beasts.

And this week it became apparent how bizarre this hopping and screeching bunch of Neolithic primates is. They would rather kill manufacturing and, with it, our economy, than deviate from a primitive dogma that all other nations have abandoned. All other nations subsidise their car industry — but they do not. All other nations protect their rural sector; but they do not. All other nations are doing well out the social-democrat approach that Austria, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Venezuela adopt. But they do not. And we will go down the gurgler because of their purity of heart.

It is time a petition was got up to sack them.

It’s time.,6119