Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

bernardi of nazareth...


Bernardi was rewarded for his role in elevating Abbott to the leadership with a promotion to the position of shadow parliamentary secretary assisting the Opposition leader. Asked why he got the post, he replies: “I guess he [Abbott] thinks I’m someone who can help him get to where he wants to go.” What role Bernardi would play in an Abbott-led government is an open question. Minchin says Bernardi “has a very substantial support base”. Another senior Liberal believes Abbott and Bernardi are “very close”. An alternative view from within the party is that Abbott and his office think Bernardi is “a total liability” and “even the conservative wing finds him to be a complete screwball”. Abbott was not available to comment.

Bernardi is fortified by the fact that, by his count, the public feedback he gets runs 90% his way. “I hope Cory Bernardi gets voted in as PM. He can see the future,” writes one admirer. “Bernardi doesn’t need to be sacked. He needs a medal pinned on him for being the only politician with guts to speak out,” writes another.

"If you look at some of the great people of history, they all had trenchant critics,” says Bernardi, citing his hero, Ronald Reagan, whose speeches he listens to on his iPhone for inspiration during his evening walks. “You can’t go through life being loved by everybody, that’s a recipe for nothingness.”

From Sally Neighbour

Sally Neighbour is a multiple award-winning journalist and author, best known for her work as a reporter with Four Corners, recognised by three Walkley Awards. She is the author of The Mother of Mohammed and In the Shadow of Swords.



All week, Fairfax Media has published a string of negative reporting, commentary and remarks about Bernardi, yet in this coverage no one has even pretended to have read the book. If they had, they would see Bernardi quotes a plethora of studies and that it was a British Family Court judge, Sir Paul Coleridge, not Bernardi, who came up with the phrase that traditional families should be the ''gold standard'' as the best protector of children's welfare. Based on his Family Court experience, the judge said family breakdown was the root cause of most social ills and warns: ''What is a matter of private concern when it is on a small scale becomes a matter of public concern when it reaches epidemic proportions.''

In his book, Bernardi sums up his argument on families with this: ''Social policy should continue to advocate for the best possible social environment for children. More often than not, as studies have shown, that environment is a family with a child's married biological mother and father. Of course, there will always be exceptions to this - some traditional families fail miserably at childcare and some step-families do a wonderful job of raising children - but it should not deter society as a whole from encouraging its citizens to pursue the traditional family model.''

Not exactly rabid. The same cannot be said for the parade of bigotry over the past seven days - absurdly claiming to be in defence of tolerance.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/so-ready-to-throw-book-at-bernardi-without-reading-it-20140112-30okv.html#ixzz2qFxhLVCB

Gus: hum.... I think Bernardi should try to become Pope rather than Prime Minister... It would be more befitting, though the new Pope, Pope Francis is encouraging breast-feeding mothers to give a nipple to bubs in the Sistine chapel... We definitely need Bernardi to put a stop to that, despite having countless religious paintings from the 14th century till the 19th century depicting the virgin Mary showing her boob to a little Jesus. . 
Beyond this I do not know the bloke Cory but the fact that he sunk the ETS, that Rudd was trying to work out with Malcolm, shows straight away he is as ignorant as a piece of four-be-two.  I don't care much about his utterance about the "family" value — but I would suggest to Sir Paul Coleridge and Paul Sheehan that many couples I know who are childless are still blissfully together, while many who signed up forever-ever-after can't wait for the kids to be at least 18, so they can divorce, in a 50/50 acrimony that had been going on for about 17 years of non-bliss with crumpets and dicks on the side... 
Of course there are some great families that stay together but I also know some one parent (male and/or female) families as well as gay or lesbian families that do wonder for the kids. I know actually that these Cory "exceptions" try to do a darn "exceptional" job of the task and succeed brilliantly. The children are bright and inquisitive while in some "traditional" families, the faith, the restrictions or the lack of supervision, plus the lack of REAL intellectual stimulation make the kids either rebel in a good way to become bright sparks despite — or in a bad way to become drug addicts because it's the only way to cope with the bland vacuousness of the happy faith-driven family...
External factors can also influence the kids behaviour such as being abused by father, step-father and priests — some kids being abused by all these. 
Thus Cory Bernadi and Paul Sheehan have an opinion based on "statistics" that are a bit very selective to say the least.  Sally Neighbour exposes the sad fact that some people see this one-dimensional individual on a greasy soap box as a leader of sorts. All in all I think that Cory has been assigned the task to promote the extreme right wing view point to help Tony Abbott shift the centre of political gravity far right of centre by bringing it back from extreme right flag waving... Bernardi should also be smacked on the bottom for giving us Tony the Idiot as PM of this fair county...
Paul Sheehan is misled by the tone of the book which I believe is designed to let people like him piggy back on the back of the back of nice easy traditional porkies.
And of course when Bernardi says that“You can’t go through life being loved by everybody, that’s a recipe for nothingness.” he is deluded as he forgets that this is what Jesus was telling us all, to love and be love by everyone... It did not work for him of course as he was crucified for it. Bernardi does not want to fall for this 2000 year old trap, does he?




love is the courts...

MPs from across the NSW political spectrum have flagged support for new laws that would wipe clean the criminal records of men convicted on outdated anti-homosexual laws.

But the government has warned that rushing through new laws would risk inadvertently clearing paedophiles' names.

The Victorian premier, Denis Napthine, on Sunday announced that men prosecuted for having gay sex under historic laws could apply to have their convictions erased under laws before that state's parliament this year.

Victoria decriminalised homosexuality in 1981, and NSW did so three years later.

A spokeswoman for the NSW attorney-general, Greg Smith, said the government would consider laws of its own, and will consult with groups including NSW Police and legal bodies.

"The law covered consensual and non-consensual sexual acts and it is important to ensure any changes do not inadvertently clear paedophiles and other sexual predators who were rightly convicted for criminal behaviour against male victims," the spokeswoman said.


an open letter to Cory Bernardi and Paul Sheehan

Julie Boyd writes an open letter to Cory Bernardi and Paul Sheehan, regarding their recent harsh and unfair public judgements upon single mothers.

Dear Cory Bernardi and Paul Sheehan,

Both of you have seen fit to pass public judgement on single mothers as a genus over the past few weeks. As a single mum I’d like to explain how it’s blokes like you who caused us to be single in the first place.

My own, very much loved kids were born in wedlock. That would have pleased you, I imagine.

When my daughter was one year old, my husband hit me. He was drunk and, I guess, I should be grateful it wasn’t a king hit!

Now, according to you I should have stayed and put up with it. I didn’t. I left, taking two toddlers with me to the safe haven of a friend’s house.

At the time I was still on leave without pay from my job in education. I had no superannuation, and in the ‘property settlement’, as they were back then, my ex’s superannuation was considered his and untouchable. I saw none of it. I also received no child support.

Many of my peers who went through the same experience are now finding themselves older, poorer and unemployable, although they have buckets of experience and expertise.

read more: http://www.independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/open-letter-to-cory-bernardi-and-paul-sheehan-from-a-single-mother,6065

where is the outrage at your colleague, mr bernardi?


It seems Scott Morrison has kidnapped three children on the high seas and handed them to the same junta who killed two of their uncles, writes Bob Ellis.

It looks like Scott Morrison has kidnapped on the high seas three children, who were on their way to New Zealand, and delivered them into the hands of a junta who had killed two of their uncles and imprisoned a third — or so it is alleged by Jason Koutsoukis in a two-page article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday.

These acts of piracy, kidnap and child abuse are known — but other children may have similarly suffered, and may already be dead, like Morrison’s other victims Reza Berati and the two young men who burned themselves to death in fear of what he might do to them.

What he has done, in this case, is what the Americans call ‘rendition’ of children and at least one woman who have done no harm to Australia, and weren’t even coming here, back to a nation so infamous that Canada wouldn’t send its representatives to a conference it was chairing in protest against its ‘human rights abuses’ — that is, the torture and killing thousands of its citizens in the wake of a vicious civil war.

Scott Morrison, who will be speaking in tongues today and seems unable to join the dots from some of the violent, illegal acts against children and women he has ordered, is called this act of what may become assisted murder an ‘on-water matter’ he may not speak of while the High Court is deliberating it — a High Court that would if he were, say, a pirate, without a ministerial position and 150 spin-doctors, put him in gaol.

read more: http://www.independentaustralia.net/australia/australia-display/sgot-moralsnone-delivers-children-to-their-familys-murderers,6666


As the great defender of tight-arsed morals, WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE,  Mr Cory Bernardi? Where is it? Where is it when faced by these ugly nasty acts from the government you are part of? And please don't hide behind "the operational matters" crap-fudge.... And should you claim that you "don't know", then it is your Christian duty to know.