Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

spending cuts and spending spree...


spending cuts and spending spree

The Chief Justice of the High Court has written to the Prime Minister, warning him that any move to cut the court's funding would significantly affect its ability to carry out its work.

Justice Robert French used the letter to ask that the court be exempt from the so-called efficiency dividend applied to other government agencies, and to reiterate the court's constitutional independence.

"(The High Court) is, as no doubt you well appreciate, not to be treated, for funding or for any other purposes, as analogous to an agency of the Executive Government," Justice French said in the letter.

"In particular, its funding should not be treated as an aspect of the deployment of funds within the executive branch of government."



The Federal Government is spending $4 billion on eight new surveillance planes described as "the world's most advanced maritime patrol aircraft".

The P-8 Poseidon aircraft will replace the P-3 Orions, which have been used for surveillance for more than 40 years.

The first of the new planes is expected to be delivered in 2017 and all eight should be fully operational by 2021.

They are armed with torpedoes and harpoon missiles, and can assist in search and rescue operations.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says they will have a key role in border protection.



we're a forgetful lot...

One dire and dismal term of Tony Abbott may be just the medicine to make Australians remember the fair go values we once stood for, writes Jeff Schiller.

With the Four Years of Hate behind us, people are starting to wake up to who they took home. Moreover, people are wondering why they ever disliked Gillard so much. Her price on carbon proved to have had little impact on the voter's wallet.

By removing it, Abbott will only further prove this point.

On the other hand, changes to Medicare, GST, worker wages and entitlements – all of which are on the cards – will hurt Aussies. Changes here will disproportionately impact poorer Australians than the top end to boot.

This government has made it clear. They are closing shop on our cultural identity of the 'fair go'.

Now, it is all about “personal responsibility”. We only have ourselves to blame if we can't pay our home loans and utility bills and medical bills and for our groceries and...

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more idiotic cuts by an idiotic abbott regime...

An alcohol harm reduction body has accused the federal government of an ''appalling level of transparency'' after it refused to release documents explaining why it axed the nation's drug and alcohol body after almost 50 years of operation.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education had its freedom of information request denied on the grounds it was ''not in the public interest''.

Drug bodies are desperate to understand why the sudden funding cut occurred, and fear more is to come.

After making the cut the government has now decided to review funding for every advocacy and research body it funds.

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