Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

a nasty freudian slip...

freudian slip


Un-Australian and unhinged, and not doing well in the three big states, the Liberals are seeing the doom of their house, writes Bob Ellis.

One does not have to go much further than Alan Joyce’s bizarre decision to cancel seventy flights to the Melbourne Cup to see why Qantas lost a good few travellers to Virgin in the following year.

Today, when two Qantas wing-tips collided in broad daylight in Los Angeles, mere hours after he announced 5,000 job cuts but couldn’t say whose they were, he will lose a few more.

Why five thousand, precisely?

Surely 4,998 would give us more sense of an expert aeronaut, careful of our safety. How can an airline comprising forty thousand pilots, engineers, baggage handlers and stewards be no more safe than one comprising five thousand (precisely) less pilots, engineers, baggage handlers and stewards?

Does he think we came down in the last Qantas mid-air incident? Does he think us unable to add?

By now, it is reasonably clear Joyce does not understand what Qantas means.

It is the flying billboard of Australia, proclaiming our national triumph over gravity, distance and the curse of time; one executed by Australian genius over seven decades, a genius now being decimated by one who, though a Harvard graduate and an Australian citizen, is seen by some as a blithering Irish munchkin, and a fool.

Worse, he is seen as being un-Australian, and so are the Englishmen Abbott and the Palestinian Hockey and the sinister Belgian carpetbagger Cormann, who insouciantly scared off Holden which, for the price of two cappuccinos per taxpayer per year, they could have kept here, and tried to rob the iconic, beloved Goulburn Valley of its wealth and farmlands and fabled orange juice and the beloved home town Shepparton of its industry and population.

Un-Australian is what they are, and the Qantas Board, the Abbott government, and the whooping and leaping Sky News menagerie should be brought before a Senate Committee of UnAustralian Activities right speedily and made to swear on the Bible that they are not now, and never have been, in league with any foreign commercial interest nor paying good money, for instance, to the U.S. affiliate Cadbury’s.

The Redcliffe by-election last Saturday, which showed an 18 percent swing to Labor, and the Nielsen poll this morning, which showed a 15 percent swing to Labor in NSW and the scandal-plagued O’Farrell losing office in any election held today, plus the Queensland Galaxy lately showing Newman losing both government and his seat, suggest calamity for the Liberals in even South Australia and Tasmania, not to mention the Senate poll in WA on April 5 where, if they lose a seat, they will lose all chance of getting laws passed before 2017.

And it has been a black seven days for them, from which they may not recover.

Scott Morrison continues to cover up a murder and sixty atrocities and has arrested, thus far, no-one for these capital crimes, and has kept them on full pay in his indirect employ, and will show no opposition, probably, to their being rehired by Transfield today, thus assisting a crime against humanity he may be tried in The Hague for, and will fail to explain to a million Kurds why an architect was clubbed to death while in his care by a man he has not yet criticised.

When, yesterday, he in a cluttered fury all but called his own regime ‘Operation Sovereign Murders’ he described it exactly, and he should quickly be stood down and studied by experts in mental illness and emotional breakdown to see if he is fit to be, any more, a minister of the Crown.

Un-Australian and unhinged, and not doing well in the three big states; derided worldwide and a bit rattled; the Liberals are seeing the doom of their house, and the ashes from which it may never rise again.

And Morrison is flying Qantas to Moresby to sort it.

Fat chance.,6234


a war zone...

Chilling footage has emerged of “war zone”-like scenes during last week’s unrest at the Manus Island detention centre, showing dozens of asylum seekers – most unconscious or semiconscious and many with serious injuries – receiving treatment from frantic staff tending to them by torchlight.

The video, obtained by Guardian Australia, was filmed at the makeshift hospital created on a concrete wharf next to the floating accommodation block used by Australian detention centre staff. It is the first footage to be seen from the disturbance that left one man, Reza Barati, dead, one shot, and dozens wounded, 13 seriously.

The footage, shot in the early hours of Tuesday, after G4S personnel “lost control” of their local riot squads and Papua New Guinea police were observed in violent altercations with asylum seekers, shows the injured brought in on a ute, one after another. The events occur in near darkness, with only a soft green light, torches and headlamps from the vehicles illuminating the makeshift hospital.

Some asylum seekers being treated at the scene can be heard groaning in pain. At one point a staff member shouts out the words “gunshot wound” and a body is rushed through.

No asylum seekers can be seen at any point resisting staff, and one witness told Guardian Australia that at least one patient was observed with a plastic handcuff on one hand during the night.

“It was like a war zone,” a witness to the filmed events told Guardian Australia. “People were covered in blood – so many people came in half an hour.”

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strong porkies and dysentery...


Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed he knew a week ago his initial statements about a fatal brawl at the immigration detention facility on Manus Island were likely to have been wrong but has refused to say why he waited to correct the record until Saturday night.

Instead he has advised that his own conduct will be subject to an internal review, which will also take in the role of his officers, the private company charged with security at the detention centre, G4S, and Papua New Guinea authorities

But the move to get to the bottom of what occurred, including by examining the minister's own actions, did not assuage critics, with the Greens and some Labor backbenchers calling on Mr Morrison to resign or be sacked.

Under attack in Parliament over comments last Tuesday morning, which appeared to lay the blame for the violence at the detention centre on rampaging asylum seekers for pushing through the perimeter fence, Mr Morrison revealed he was told later that day that he had been given unreliable information. He said his initial claim that the death and much of the violence had taken place outside the centre was not correct.

As the day progressed he was advised there were alternative versions of what happened, putting in doubt many details. Yet it took five days for the evidence to mount to the point that he deemed it necessary to ''correct the record''.

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There will be less disagreement over his strength. Wrongly directed, however, strength is the very opposite of virtue. Or put another way, a degree of wimpishness might be preferable to cruel certitude when taking absolute control over the lives and safety of thousands of vulnerable people.

That Morrison is a formidable advocate is not in question.

It is just that his strength does rather seem to have overwhelmed all else, including the government's legal and moral responsibilities to those it is ''supporting''.

Unpacked, Abbott's argument is that what many view as Morrison's zealotry is attenuated by the man's fundamental decency. Maybe, but where's the evidence? Why did the minister so readily impute negative motives and apportion fault to asylum seekers in the immediate aftermath of last week's alleged riots?

Why did he initially appear so confident of the role of the private contractors running the Manus Island facility, and the PNG police for that matter, after the violence that left so many injured, one dead and the rest frightened for their lives?

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Decency? Scott Morrison? Sounds more like dysentery to me... And please note that the words in the cartoon are not my own but those of SCOTT MORRISON verbatim...


amanda is totally out of line!...

How quickly vultures in politics gather around. Just a whiff of injury and in they come, hoping for a carcass on which they can feed.

So it was with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's reporting on the recent riot at Manus Island and the death of a detainee. Morrison initially reported that the detainee who lost his life was outside the centre at the time of his injury.

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Do you read what you write, dear Amanda Vanstone?... "A WHIFF OF INJURY?"... Had it been the Labor Party on this watch, we would not hear the end of it: COVER UP", "MINISTER SHOULD RESIGN", "TYPICAL LABOR STUFF-UP" et cetera... 
This is completely out of line and, if you don't know it, you're a dork. If you know it, you're a HYPOCRITE.

could not organise a piss-up in a brewery...


An Australian employee of the G4S security firm on Manus Island says PNG police stood back and allowed locals to break into the compound last month, did nothing to stop them beating detainees, and in some cases participated in the violence and intimidation.

His claim, made on condition of anonymity,contradicted a leaked PNG police internal incident report into unrest at the detention centre on February 17 that describes the deadly violence as a confrontation solely between G4S security guards and asylum seekers.

Some expat G4S staff have since left the island suffering from serious post-traumatic stress.

A spokesperson for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says there are three investigations underway into the Manus Island incident, including a full independent inquiry headed by former senior public servant Robert Cornall.

"These investigations seek to establish the events on Manus Island that evening and we will await the outcome of these reviews," the spokesman said.


It should be obvious by now that the Liberal (CONservative) regime could not organise a chook raffle in a pub. It is my firm belief that the "confusion" about the Manus Island affair has been deliberately muddled by the government, not so much to appear as "incompetent" do-goodies, but to avoid being the "responsible" party to the kerfuffle. 

It is my firm belief, that the government would have a "rapporteur", a "snitch", a "grass", a spy dedicated to tell the government THE TRUTH of what happened... Or a couple of those just in case one was pissed or asleep...

So, we get a lot of contradicting reports, because the government DOES NOT WANT US TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED... If the government had no clue about what happened there, god help us with the rest of Operation Sovereign Murders... er... Borders... 


possibly lying some more about hope...

The contractor charged with the provision of physical and mental health care to asylum seekers on Manus Island has issued staff with a two-page guide on dealing with questions about the detainees' fears for their personal safety, living conditions and human rights.

The document is clearly designed to help soothe concerns the asylum seekers are expressing in the aftermath of the bloody attacks last month that left one man dead and many others seriously injured.

Health workers have been told to urge the asylum seekers not to give up hope.

The ABC has also been given a letter written by an asylum seeker, which was smuggled out of the centre. It claims those in detention are now living in fear of their lives.

There are five inquiries under way into the events that unfolded in the detention centre on February 17.

At some point there will be an official explanation and a conclusion and perhaps even some recommendations. 

But inquiries aside, as time goes on, more and more is being learnt about the terrifying events of that night. 

We know that it resulted in the death of one man and that many more were badly beaten and badly wounded.

Earlier this week an Australian G4S security guard described to the ABC the details of what was a terrifying night as asylum seekers were hunted down room by room and bashed by enraged local contract staff armed with machetes, sticks and metal bars.