Friday 29th of August 2014

pyne has an annoying insincere whiney gripe to grind his duplicitous double-edged axe...


sore looser

Here we go again.

Christopher Pyne – clearly deeply unhappy with independent Geoff Brock’s decision to back Labor to form a government in his home state – has declared that South Australian premier Jay Weatherill “leads an illegitimate government” and added, threateningly, “he will be treated that way”.

“The Liberal party won the popular vote and Jay Weatherill presides over an illegitimate government … the Liberals achieved 53% of the two party preferred vote. They won 51.5% of the two-party preferred vote in 2010 ... Jay Weatherill’s government is an illegitimate government. He presides over a parliament where he holds on with the support of a conservative seat independent in Frome, which is a seat that has always been traditionally held by the Liberal party,” Pyne fumed.

This sore-loser response to the failure to secure support from independents after a line ball election might sound familiar, because we heard exactly the same thing after the federal election in 2010, when Labor leader Julia Gillard formed government with the support of independents – even though she had won a narrow majority of the two-party preferred vote.

Senator George Brandis claimed back then that “most Australians wanted a change of government. Your government has as much legitimacy as the Pakistani cricket team (who were embroiled in a betting scandal at the time).”

And Christopher Pyne himself said “it's fair to say this government doesn't have any legitimacy".

Journalists tried to point out to Pyne that Labor won the South Australian election based on the existing electoral rules – that a government is formed by whomever wins support from a majority of members elected from single-member electorates, but the education minister would not be swayed by these facts.

Weatherill – despite winning the election based on the law of the land – was in fact “illegitimate” or, according to the dictionary, "not authorised by law” or “improper”.

It is a legal interpretation the Coalition seems to apply selectively.

In 1998, for example, John Howard won 48.9% of the two-party preferred vote but won a majority of seats and formed government. There’s no record of Pyne calling him illegitimate.


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tweedledum marries tweedledee...


Former South Australian Liberal leader Martin Hamilton-Smith has declared himself an independent Liberal and joined the Labor Government as a minister.

The former Liberal will become Trade, Defence Industries and Veterans' Affairs Minister.

Mr Hamilton-Smith says businesses need certainty and stable government.

"I think the Premier and I are of one mind. We want to build things we don't want to rip them down and I can't see how the uncertainty and the political point-scoring over coming months and years will help kids, the pensioners," he said.

"It's time now to put people first and put the politics second."

SA Opposition Leader Steven Marshall appeared to have no knowledge of the deal when he held a news conference less than half an hour before the Premier's announcement, but Mr Hamilton-Smith says he now has spoken with the current Liberal leader.

"I have spoken to Steven and explained my position," he said.

"What I am focused on is making a contribution. We are here to do everything we can to make South Australia a better place."

Mr Marshall had been about to fly out of Adelaide for New Zealand but swiftly cancelled his trip.


This happy union should redress any misgiving Christopher Pyne ever had... See toon at top...

or is the switch by Martin Hamilton-Smith a case of Trojan Horse?


his conservative ship was sunk by joe's nasty budget...


"After 21 years representing the electorate of Davenport and my 46-year involvement in politics, I have made the decision to leave the SA Parliament in the next 12 months and seek a new career in the private sector."

Iain Evans

One must say that Mr Evans began very early with his involvement in politics, starting at the prodigious age of nine... Mind you Gus started his career in political cartooning (on and off) by age five... The war, plus the June landing of allied forces which is being remembered today, had something to do with it...
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