Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

the same same same same...the MMMM of the day gets it wrong... 1959


I have mentioned on this site before the cartoons of Molnar... Molnar was an expert at simple lines and as time went the lines even became simpler. And the mediocre mass media de mierda of the west still gets it wrong. Mind you the media from the east was not much better either...

meanwhile tony da rattus has not invented the invective...

One person named Gus would virtually happily punch Tony Abbott in the gonads inside his pair of budgie smugglers, for calling Labor infantile and calling his side of politics the "adults".

But this is not a new scenario from the still-in-nappies demented bullies that make up the right-wing in this fair country... Of course Tony is the wooden boy who never grew up, but who uses his nasty quips against anyone he does not like to prop up his rotten sticks and lengthening nose.

Thus, same same same... and most of the MMMM (mediocre mass media de mierda) sees nothing wrong with Tony's invectivious crap. We have of course to consider that the majority of the media takes its cue from the crass merde-och press of Uncle Rupe who tries to run this country from Yankeedom. On the royal dames and royal knights I believe the old boy might be a bit annoyed with his protégé, Tonicchio. Hopefully, Uncle Rupe might see the light and turf him like a smelly sock at the end of a 40 km walk. We "hope" — as our turd in chief tells us about flotsam and jetsam in the Indian Ocean as spotted by satellites 700 kms up — that Uncle Rupe sees the light now...

infantile quip

nothing has changed much... Same discussions... from 1959, the year in review in Gus collection of old stuff...

did I start a revival of old SMH articles?

It has been a while since I noticed the Sydney Morning Herald republish some of its older articles as vignettes into a distant past. Did I help the SMH editors by showing what was the news of the day, back in 1959?... Actually I have enough of the old papers to weigh in at more than 100 kg... plus about a ton of old clippings... No kidding. Today (4 April 2014) the SMH digs into 1953...


A girl and a gun

“An armed man and a woman robbed a taxi driver at pistol point at Leichhardt last night,” the Herald reported. The taxi driver, Edward Grant, of Croydon Park, picked up “a tall young man and a blonde woman with a yellow scarf over her hair” at about 11 o’clock. The pair threatened him with a gun, gagged him with a tie, and then chained him to the driver’s seat. It took police half an hour to release the victim.


Bad behaviour

“Violent ‘comics’ and films have a bad effect on child behaviour,” wrote R. Kellett, of Leichhardt. “Recently I attended a bitterly contested boxing contest. Almost at my elbow a boy in his early teens kept shouting, ‘Knock his block off.’ When I asked him to go easy, he glowered and changed to, “Knock his brains out,' which he repeated until his voice failed. One wonders what the result of this lack of discipline will be.”


Lost at the Show

“Mrs Grace Lambert and Miss Marge McEwan, who are in charge of the lost children’s tent at the Showground, had 57 ‘customers’ yesterday. A cattle attendant came upon one two-year-old, a girl, asleep in a cattle pen. Another, Stephen Mason, was wearing a bright red dressing gown over his pyjamas when he was found by a policewoman. ‘He did the quickest disappearing act I’ve ever seen,’ said his father.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/in-the-herald-april-4-1953-20140401-zqnwy.html#ixzz2xtQNzoUY

And the old granny on Australia reaching 10 million people...:



since gus posted old stuff, the rest of the world is doing it...




What the Future Looked Like in 1964

On the 50th anniversary of the opening of the New York World’s Fair, attendees share memories of family outings and moments of inspiration.

The grounds of the 1964 New York World’s Fair were a blur of perpetual motion: Gondolas dangled above the crowds from the Swiss Sky Ride, a monorail glided in the Lake Amusement area, Greyhound Escorters ferried fatigued visitors, helicopters landed on the Port Authority’s helipad and a giant tire Ferris wheel spun.

On the 50th anniversary of the fair’s opening, we asked readers to share their memories of the event and photographs from their visits.



See also 1984   cosy small talk with electrostatic detritus collectors...


the old granny, with aussieland reaching 23 million...

Fairfax staff have gone on strike for 24 hours in protest after the company announced it was to cut 80 full-time positions across newsrooms in Sydney and Melbourne.

Staff at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald were told the cuts were focused on the "continuing transformation of the business".

Fairfax said its contract with copyediting firm Pagemasters was due to expire soon and it was "in the process of reviewing these external arrangements".

As a result, 35 editorial jobs would be cut, 30 photographers would lose their jobs and 15 positions would be lost from the Life magazine division, the company said, as any "new arrangements will absorb more copy-editing and page layout work".

In an email to staff the managing director of Australian Publishing Media, Allen Williams, said Fairfax will rely on Getty Images for the bulk of its photographic work.