Monday 1st of September 2014

our new GG entertains the young royals for a sum that could have saved holden...



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have touched down in Sydney with Prince George to begin their 10-day tour of Australia.

The Royal Australian Air Force jet carrying the Royal family arrived at Sydney Airport this afternoon where Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and other dignitaries were in attendance.


lost opportunity in the royal visit...

royal tour

Hell! the informal picture was average...

and bub in tow...

With an heir in tow, the Royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mirrors the journey made by William's parents more than 30 years ago.

Then as now, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were newly married, fresh-faced international celebrities with a gorgeous toddler, and the future monarch, in their cargo.

Prince William was 10 months old; Prince George is only one month younger.

"It was the first time that the two heirs to the throne flew together," said Chris Whittaker of the Australian Monarchist League.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also opted to travel as a family.

Despite the trips taking place decades apart, both couples have contributed to a rejuvenation in positive sentiment towards the monarchy.

"Diana was incredibly popular," said historian Aron Paul.

"She fit into that rags to riches story of the eighties."

He says "shy Di" was transformed into "an international woman of fame" and her informal approach was a break from the Queen's visit in 1954 when "she was very much at arm's length".

"Kate's really following in the wake of Diana," he said.


"the wake of Diana" ?  A poor choice of words... Time to end privilegious dynasties and long live the republic!

long live the republic....

From IA 


If you believe any Australian child should be able to become our head of state, rather than only the children of the British royal family, then join our cause. If you want to live in a nation that does not bend the knee to any other then get active. If you want our prime minister to pledge allegiance to the Australian people not the British Queen, then embrace the republican cause.

During this royal tour, I encourage anyone who loves Australia and wants to see it thrive and given the respect it deserves to buy a copy of Project Republic. Familiarise yourself with the arguments. Educate yourself about what our Constitution currently says and what it should say.

Only a groundswell of grassroots momentum will motivate our polls driven politicians to action.

Let us send them a message that this is our country and we want to be free. We want a Constitution that respects democracy and egalitarianism not one governed by elitism and birthright.

Until the day comes when an Indigenous person, a recent migrant or a white Australian can all aim to be our head of state, the fight must go on.

Our Constitution must be for us not against us.

Until then, it is broken — let’s fix it!

Find out more about the Australian Republican Movement here. Follow Dr Benjamin Thomas Jones on Twitter @BenjaminTJones1. Read also managing editor David Donovan's The Celebrity Royal Tour Swindle.,6402

the dream is not broken enough, yet...


This year is shaping up as an annus horribilis for Australia’s republicans. They have had to contend with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s reintroduction of Knights and Dames, and now a highly successful visit by the royal family’s new glamour couple.

These pale into insignificance, though, compared to a recent finding that young people are abandoning the cause. It puts paid to the old adage that a republic is inevitable.

Republicans have assumed that they have time on their side. They can afford to wait because the passage of time will see older generations replaced with younger people more likely to want an Australian as the nation’s head of state.

A Fairfax-Nielsen poll has confounded this view. It reported that community support for a republic has dropped to 42 per cent, the lowest level in 35 years and down from a peak of 58 per cent at the 1999 referendum.

A major reason for this drop is that, rather than renouncing the monarchy, young Australians are embracing it. The poll found that only 28 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds support a republic, with 60 per cent rejecting change. It reveals the first Australians in decades that are more supportive of the monarchy than their parents.






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Not surprising, really, George Williams (the writer of the piece above... Whoa! Two royal names in one!...
Young girls are fed on diet of fairy tales, Lion Kings and frocks for queens, as shown in the magazines (and news items) pushing the royal shit... Young boys are raised on games of biffo in which the elegant knight wins the day and the royal damsel in distress... What else do we want? Captain America? Himself a self-appointed "king" of the fight for justice, blah blah blah...
In the past, there was a bit of social controversy — or education — in magazines (even PIX magazine doing a deep study of tax return — no less) in which some tough issues were discussed (often better than the Q&A biffo) but discussed nonetheless. And boys used to play democratic marbles, while dreaming of becoming a sergeant in the army.

Today's magazines are just here to tell us (I mean tell women) to eat till we get fat — with a cookery section that would sit nicely in a royal kitchen (Nigella "royalty", who apparently cannot get into the US because of her admission to have used cocaine) — then go on this wonderful new diet and if this does not work you can get hooked on one of the professional diet meal suppliers as advertised in the get thin like a star or a princess section. The other main magazine section is devoted to the make-up where the battle between the Paris, New York and London manufacturers of false eyelashes and powders is hot. And so is the anti-ageing cream-lobby sub-section...
Perfection is idealised with "Princes" who have the world at their feet while piloting a fighter plane or the latest Ferrari and with "Princesses" who are the summit of beauty and show they care by visiting hospitals for sick kids. Sweet...
And little girl, even if your face looks like the rear of a truck, YOU CAN STILL DREAM and support the royals who represent your ideals by buying this colourful (but socially colourless) magazine designed to make you dream beyond your dreams.
Should the royal princess look like the rear of a horse, the royalty impression in the community goes down the drain, fast. It's all about image rather than reality of the role of royalty — a role that has been a con-ocracy since day one in the Roman Empire and the Egyptian Pharaohs... Should the royal prince look like Humpty Dumpty, the republicans would win twice over in a jiffy.
The Aussie link to the royalty has been retained just a tad longer by this illusion of beauty and nice like little mice — not by political reality. Political reality can be boring, can't it?... and quite painful to think about it... So we prefer to delegate to the illusionists. The kids may think so... Life is hard enough having to be on social networks where the talk of the day is the princess' dresses that were available "online" but are now sold out... A hoot!


the tree will die... (updated)

After having planted ONE tree in Canberra, the royal couple, bless them, flew off... At last! Gone! And his little royal male highness of course patronised us by saying something to the effect that Aussieland "was a Lucky country but would be luckier if we worked harder" echoing the rightwingnut mantra of "work till you die" as pushed by a lazy-butt Joe.. I say lazy because EVEN IF HE WORKS HARD to make budget night as dull as a pack of tacks upon which he wants you to sit, HE PICKS THE EASY OPTIONS which are basically to hit you on the head rather than hit his rich friends...

Get a real life, you lucky royal bastard who has been born as a future whatever they call those who sit on a throne stolen from proper democracy.... Now the little royals are having a cuddle in the Solomons Island Incognito apart from the entourage.


The Solomon Islands have had recent earthquakes and floods of the never seen before kind... There is a flood relief appeal somewhere...


Gus Leonisky

Your local republican expert...


PS: Noooooo! The little royals are still in Canberra!!! And they were woken up at ungodly hours to be part of ANZAC remembrance service at dawn before the sun rose on a day of defeat, unless little George was making an early racket... I think I was ahead of the news cycle or had a senior moment of hope...

Prince George grow “an extra fat roll” during tour...

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Royal Family gets cheeky reception in New Zealand

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'No-One Knows How Much I Miss Him': Kate Middleton Gets Soppy Over Dog Lupo On Australian Tour

Duchess of Cambridge was touched by fan who gave her a doggy treat




This was the last Gus' report on the royal swindle which was a success apparently:  the little royals are sooooo nice and so beautiful — and their dog so missed on the tour (possibly due to quarantine laws, at least something works) — that they pushed back the republican cause and proper democracy another twenty years... Mr Flint would be pink in the cheeks, though he did not have to be wheeled out since his role was clearly taken by our prima minster who even touched the royal prince...
That's life... Next time send the ugly and snooty ones down under... That should speed up the process of getting rid of the "anacronyism"... if you know what I mean...



And the SMH has the gall of letting us know:

People simply like them. They look at them and realise they're not doing it for some personal advantage 

Sorry folks.... The little royals don't have to do anything — including a tour of dumbocracy — for personal advantage. THEY ARE ALREADY IN A POSITION OF SUPERIOR PERSONAL ADVANTAGE... They are BORN and bred that way...

religious republic or royal haggish?...


Queen Elizabeth II has sent a message to the Church of Scotland, recognising the role it could play in helping to heal divisions opened up by the increasingly bitter debate over Scottish independence.

The Queen has not publicly entered the political debate on whether Scotland should end its 307-year-old union with England and leave the United Kingdom.

The Scottish parliament, established in 1999, has limited powers in areas like health and education.

But the British parliament, where members representing Scotland are a small minority, still exercises control over important Scottish government spending decisions and areas like defence.

If a majority of Scots vote in favour of independence on September 18, Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has said he wants to keep the Queen as head of state.


Hey, you! Become the republic of Scotland, or revive your own lineage of Scot kings and queens if you must... But please dice the Pommy royals of the sour kraut Saxe-Coburg and Gotha House who changed their name in 1917 to the "House of Windsor" in order to appear more English...


prime minister's resurrection of knights and dames was absurd

Times are dark for Australia's republican movement but supporters of the cause should not become complacent, the shadow attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, said on Sunday.

In an address to the Victorian branch of the Australian Republican Movement, Dreyfus said the prime minister's resurrection of knights and dames was absurd and showed he was out of touch with modern, multicultural Australia.

“Times are dark for republicans,” he said. “Tony Abbott's full-blooded monarchism might be half a century out of date, but we must not be lulled into complacency.

“How could any Australian in 2014 honestly argue for the place of the British monarchy in our modern society?”

Dreyfus said Britishness was no longer the defining feature of the Australian national identity.

Waves of migrants from different cultures and closer economic and cultural ties with our region had fundamentally changed the nation, he said.

However, a push for a republic was not about discarding the British aspect of Australia's identity. Rather it would forge a new identity all Australians could engage in.

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