Friday 22nd of August 2014

"and I'd like to thank my sponsors for helping me get where I am today..."


lying with a straight face...


Senior Liberals have described plans for a possible deficit tax in the budget as "electoral suicide". Some talked of a party-room revolt and one warned the Prime Minister Tony Abbott would wear the broken promise as "a crown of thorns" if the government decided to go through with it.

The figure, part of Mr Abbott's ministerial team, spoke on condition of anonymity, arguing the suggestion of a tax was one that could come to "haunt" Mr Abbott's entire prime ministership.

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Tony Abbott ain't Jesus Christ... Should he'd be crucified, it's good bye Tony... But so far all we've had from the arse end of the Liberal (CONservative) trumpet is a lot of ludicrous ways to fudge the budget "into a surplus"... Completely mad. I have one simple way to solve it. Stop sponsoring Tony Abbott for being more and more idiotic. IT'S TIME (it was time long ago mind you) FOR TONY TO GET ON HIS LITTLE BIKEE AND RIDE INTO THE SUNSET — or become a priest, instead of a prick.


tony abbott is always blaming someone else...


The Prime Minister says he regrets the decision to pare back his signature paid parental leave scheme, blaming it on a "budget emergency" he says was created by the former Labor government.

Tony Abbott has decided to drop the threshold for his wage replacement scheme from $150,000 to $100,000.

The backdown comes as Mr Abbott also considers bringing in a tax hike to help pay off debt, despite promising before the election that there would be no new taxes under a Coalition government.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who has campaigned against the "Rolls-Royce" parental leave payments, says both decisions amount to broken promises.

But Mr Abbott says Labor's legacy of deficits amounting to $123 billion over the next four years has made drafting the Coalition's first budget on May 13 a "particularly difficult business".

"Everyone from the top down is going to be part of fixing Labor's debt and deficit mess, and yes that does include regrettably an adjustment to the paid parental leave scheme," he said.

"Under all the circumstances, I think that's fair. Obviously I regret that we find ourselves in very difficult fiscal circumstances.

"But under the circumstances, where everyone is going to have to share in bearing the burden in fixing this particular problem, I think it's reasonable."



If you think this is reasonable, think again, liar... It's A) about time you stop blaming everyone else for your stupid policies being impeded and B) time to stop lying about a tax being a levy when it's a tax that would hang like a bad smell for the next 50 years... The tax will certain not fix the problem (that you think you have "inherited") when you have created it by giving cash to the reserve bank and by making "clear promises with NO SURPRISES" — promises, too many voters were conned by... helped by your mate Rupert.

Since you've turned up in Canberra disguised as a Primal Minster, you have tried to sabotage education, health, finances, global warming proper response, the NBN and a lot of other things to satisfy your inflated ego.

You have sunk the car industry and other technological sectors — and the only thing that has been thriving is the under-the-table payola industry in your Liberal (CONservative) Party, as exposed by ICAC... Why don't you start being "reasonable" and pay back all the expenses you have "charged" the government for your private charitable outings — then we can talk about cheese.