Wednesday 27th of August 2014

a stouch between paupers...


In King's Cross in 2012, two Aboriginal teenagers aged 14 and 17 were shot, wounded and further assaulted by police after the car they had stolen had lost control and mounted footpaths, injuring two women. Police, as well as member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull, were quick to defend the actions of the police, despite released video footage showing excessive force being used by the police. The Aboriginal community members who protested outside parliament house following the incident questioned how quickly the officers were to pull guns on two unarmed, cornered teenagers.

On Sunday, two incredibly wealthy long-term friends had a violent altercation on a Bondi footpath. Reports state that James Packer and David Gyngell engaged in a vicious street brawl; shocking onlookers with the brutality of their actions. The two men traded blows, wrestled on the ground, engaged each other in headlocks, and eventually had to be forcibly separated by security guards. Whilst latest reports today state that police are now finally investigating this violent public incident, the photos taken by onlookers have reportedly been purchased by News Limited for a tidy $200,000.

The slow police reaction on what appears to be a violent and distressing incident, is telling. So too are the public and media responses to it. It appears that many, rather than seeing this street brawl as the violent actions of two grown and influential men clearly unable to control their tempers and react in responsible and rational ways, are viewing it as some rich-boy sideshow entertainment. Indeed, when comments such as “billion dollar biffo” or “glass jaw” are used, street violence becomes almost comedic.

Why is it then that different standards are applied when rich white men behave badly, and indeed, illegally?


What if Packer and Gyngell were young Indigenous men?

Why is it that different standards are applied when rich white men behave badly? Because the more socially privileged you are, the less severe your transgressions are perceived to be


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around 1965...

neither gazillionaire has filed a complaint...


Gyngell has told friends he is very sorry he lost his cool and brawled with Packer, is “very cranky” with himself and obviously not proud of what transpired.

The eastern suburbs local area command has announced it is looking into the Sunday afternoon incident outside the billionaire’s Sydney home.

“We, of course, respect the job the police do and will cooperate fully with their investigation,” a Nine spokesman told Guardian Australia.

Neither man has filed a complaint, and the pair put out a joint statement saying they remained friends.

“We are now investigating it,” the police said on Tuesday. “We are appealing for anyone who witnessed it or has video or images to come forward. We don’t have a complaint yet but we have launched an investigation.”



Er... "we are appealing to anyone who witnessed blah blah blah..." Hello! :


Several photographers hit pay dirt because they had been lying in wait at Packer’s Bondi pad in the hope of catching the model Miranda Kerr arriving to visit the newly divorced billionaire, who is rumoured to be dating her.

Having paid a premium, News Corp wasn’t going to waste its exclusive. The Herald Sun chose “Billionaire biffo” for its coverline; the Courier-Mail “James Whacker”; the Advertiser “Clash of the titans” and the Hobart Mercury “Packin' a punch”. Even the staid national broadsheet the Australian got in on the fun, adorning its front page with “Mate against mate in battle of the heavyweights”.

Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald may have had the original scoop on the fight, but Tuesday’s paper had to make do with a series of 11 pencil sketches to illustrate the now infamous brawl.



Gyngell’s own outlet didn’t shirk from covering the story on Nine News and across the network, including Today.

International papers that covered the brawl include the Hollywood Reporter, the Times of India and the South China Morning Post.

Seen also on the BBC




stupid boys will be stupid boys...


Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb has described the public brawl between billionaire James Packer and Channel Nine boss David Gyngell as "boys will be boys".

Mr Robb was appearing on CNBC television in Europe where he is spruiking Australia's progress in signing free trade deals with South Korea and Japan.


Yes Andrew, 'BOYS WILL BE BOYS" and there are plenty of those in the "adult " Abbott regime... Yes Andrew, rather than buy into a silly story that highlights the stupidity of some rich kids who inherited too much money and promote gambling as an occupation, put your long trousers on.

The Abbott regime is full of idiotic old boys who never grew up despite having got some university degree and some Rhode scholarship (which may have burnt their brains with too much knowledge)... The old school boy ties are not a fallacy in the Abbott regime. We hear a lot of "adult" government here or there (especially from whiney Pyne) but all we've seen so far from the Liberals (CONservatives) zealots is pranks alla Denis-the-Menace and dangerous behaviour like a left-handed Billy-the-Kid.

Be prepared for them to rob you as well.


criminal infringement notices for offensive behaviour

James Packer and David Gyngell have both been slapped with criminal infringement notices for offensive behaviour for their fist fight on a Bondi street last weekend.

The penalty notice carries a fine of $500 if it goes uncontested by the recipient.


I hope that the recipients would contest the fine and hire the finest lawyers in the land... That would cost them far more than a meal at the local Bondi RSL and be far more entertaining... A year of community service as gambling and TV addict councellors plus a criminal record would do the trick as well, whatever the trick is...