Thursday 28th of August 2014

quick fix to the budget...

budget fix

heavy levy lifting too rich for the rich?...


Cabinet ministers have also expressed unhappiness over a new tax, but have not gone on the record with their concerns. As The Australian Financial Review reports, cabinet is split on the idea of the tax, which is reported to be aimed at middle- and high-income earners. 

It has been reported that the tax would only target those earning at least $150,000, in a bid to appease concerns that families on lower incomes would be unfairly hit in the budget

On Wednesday, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Jamie Briggs described Ms Gambaro's comments as "pre-emptive", and said the Queensland MP did not know the detail of the budget. 

"I think it would be wise for Teresa to wait until next Tuesday to start expressing views," he told Sky News. 

With her comments on Wednesday, Ms Gambaro also joins other Coalition figures who have voiced their opposition to a deficit levy

These includes former treasurer Peter Costello and former Howard era ministers Peter Reith and Amanda Vanstone. 

Labor, the Greens and the Palmer United Party have all indicated they would block a deficit levy in the Senate

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Well, well well... I think that hitting the rich where it hurts might give then a taste of their own medicine for a change... Of course this would be a broken promise from our turd-in-chief but what else did we expect but lies, porkies, deception, evasion, fabrication and perjury from him... Some people expected bouquets of flowers and an "adult" government. Yes Christopher Pyne still harps on with this rancid sauce... The joke has been used long enough, Piney, you had your fun, don't stretch it beyond its used by date which was 10:05 on the first of April 2005. 
Yes, I am warming up to the concept of a tax to hit the rich below the golden belt...
But if you do it, Turdy, do it with real passion and hit them rich geezers in the gonads with 15 or 20 per cent extra for 20 years — not just this wet feather stuff, that measly 1 or 2 per cent for people earning more than $180,000... You could not even buy a sunken second-hand F-35 for the money raised...
As an economist, let me advise you for free to use a scale of incremental value for the "levy" (which is a clown-tax disguised as an orange lifeboat stripped bare of safety equipment) someone earning 250,000 a year should be hit with 30 per cent and anyone above $500,000 should be slugged with 40 per cent extra tax... That would plug the hole you've invented in a jiffy... As well I strongly recommend reduce the government charity to the mining sector and start reducing the fuel discount say by 30 per cent this financial year and by an extra 60 per cent the year after. Then you can also make sure farmers still get the rebate for planting carrots. Invest all the cash raised in Bitcons as well...

Thus all will be well again in the best of the world, because after doing all this good stuff, you would find yourself out of a job— which you should never have found yourself into, in the first place.