Friday 22nd of August 2014

a moronic mandate as explained by an educashun minister who lies...

moronic mandate

Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer has called on the government to take its harsher budget measures to an election.

He declared the GP co-payment and pension changes were not matters for negotiation and there was no chance his party would support them.

In an interview with ABC TV on Wednesday, Mr Palmer also predicted that the Prime Minister would not call an election if he could not pass his budget measures.

“Before we had this budget, in Western Australia the Liberal Party vote was down to 33 per cent. They had a seven per cent swing against the Coalition. They lost two per cent to the National Party, lost two per cent - the Liberal Party lost five, so I don't think he would go to an election,” he said.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has been given the job of  with dealing with Mr Palmer to try to capture his support for the government’s policies.

Mr Pyne said on Wednesday that he found Mr Palmer “a very easy person to deal with”, but it was Senate Leader Eric Abetz who would be responsible for negotiations with the three incoming PUP senators.

“By and large, we have a mandate to do most of these changes and I think the Senate will recognise that,” he told the ABC.

“We can't have a situation in Australia where we're ungovernable and I think the Senate knows that but I think Mr Palmer is well aware of that.” 

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"I’m just one person..."

ECCENTRIC billionaire MP Clive Palmer has apologised for falling asleep in parliament.

“I’m guilty. I did fall asleep,” he told Sky News on Thursday.

He says he got up about 2am on Wednesday and did 35 media interviews before noon.




He then delivered a lunchtime speech, asked a question in question time then nodded off for five minutes.

“I don’t have the 1951 media advisers the government has. I’m just one person,” Mr Palmer said.

“So I apologise for that but it’s liable to happen. I’m a human being.”

Palmer has been criticised in the past for his tardy record of attendance in Parliament, but it seems even when he’s in the house of representatives, sometimes, he isn’t quite there.

But despite apologising for the catnap during budget discussions, it seems Palmer also used it to have a swipe at Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

He blamed the PM for the nap tweeting “Tony Abbott sent me to sleep during question time, avoiding questions about his cruel and heartless budget.”

The tweet has since been removed.

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the all-master whinger calls shorten a grub?...

Debate is raging in Canberra after parliamentary microphones caught the leader of the house, Christopher Pyne, slinging an insult at the opposition leader, Bill Shorten during question time on Wednesday. Pyne's office has said that he called Shorten a 'grub'...


The all-master champion whinger of Orstralya, Christopher Pyne, to his dismay, has been amazingly disqualified from the whinging TV contest — whingers take the cake — for what has been describe as a massive scandal, after having been seen taking whinging enhancement pills before breakfast.

It is a scandal that should be referred to ICAC and the On-Cactus Sitting Society of South Orstralya (or OCSSSO for short) of which Pyne is the Present Pathetic Patron (or PPP for short). Pyne is also the grand master of the Whine and Grate Unsociable Liars Club (WGULC for short) which has nothing to do with The Wine and Grated Cheese Association of Whyalla (WGCAW for short).

Not only Pyne is also seen whinging on tape while accusing someone else of whinging, he willingly gives his whinging crown away without a proper contest (because he is protected species from the Madam of the disordely house), while whining and whining and whining below the belt — like a rusty barn door flapping in the whinging wind to a pen of two dozen famished braying pigs. A total disgrace.


See toon at top.

his long wariness of Pyne would have been vindicated...

Christopher Pyne has been widely pilloried for his disgraceful behaviour in Parliament yesterday and his extreme education policies, so why do some conservatives still find him so alluring? Senior correspondent Barry Everingham reports.

The Bishop and Pyne C.

The thought that adults are in charge of the country now is laughable when one considers the infantile behaviour of the so-called 'Leader of the House' Christopher Pyne — also, somewhat disturbingly, Australia's education minister.

Christopher Pyne's behaviour in several incidents yesterday (15/5/14) in Parliament would have surprised nobody.

In fact, had former Prime Minister John Howard been watching – which he no doubt was – his long wariness of Pyne would have been vindicated; Howard allegedly refused to install Pyne in a  significant role whatsoever. It’s said he predicted that, one day, Pyne would cause a significant scandal, bringing ill-repute upon the Liberals.

Of course, Pyne being a key cabinet minister says more about Tony Abbott than it does about Pyne.

One of Abbott’s first moves after he got the leadership – with, strangely enough, Peter Slipper’s vote – was to elevate Pyne and the dreadful Sophie Mirabella to the front bench.

Tony is not only lacking in the milk of human compassion — he is also short in identifying the character of some of his colleagues. Turnbull would wear neither Pyne nor Mirabella.

Earlier in the day, before Shorten wowed Australia with a Budget Reply full of passion and spirit, the low character Pyne was on full disgusting show.

Not content with sneering and catcalling his way through Question Time, Pyne's stood and snarled to Shorten across the despatch box:

“You're such a cu*t!”

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a bad example to the students...


Protesting students who "jostled" and "abused" the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, as she visited Sydney University are guilty of assault, says the education minister, Christopher Pyne.

Pyne on Saturday called on the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, to join the government in strongly condemning the "incomprehensible" behaviour of the students who were protesting on Friday against proposed cuts to higher education funding.

Bishop was attending the university to announce that a further 1000 students would be able to study overseas under new government funding when she was confronted by about 20 students.

"No cuts, no fees, no corporate universities," they shouted.

Amateur footage taken at the scene shows Bishop being ushered through the scrum of students.

"Everyone is entitled to have a view, whether they like the government, whether they don't like the government; whether they like or dislike particular policies Pyne told reporters in Adelaide on Saturday.

"But the behaviour of the students yesterday at Sydney University was assault.

The opposition must not be seen to endorse such behaviour, he said.

"There is no room for Bill Shorten to have a muted response to this unacceptable, un-Australian and anti-democratic behaviour."


Yeah yeah... It's is a bit rich from the GRAND master of permanent bullying in parliament to talk of anti-democratic behaviour — especially when his government of idiots showed the BIGGEST ANTI-DEMOCRATIC behaviour by telling THE BIGGEST PORKIES before the elections and then slash and burning everything in their path like an army led by an ANTI-DEMOCRATIC GENGIS KHAN... 

Was La Bishop hurt in any way? Did she deliberately "feel" compelled to walk through a student protest? Did she have any remorse at the savage cuts her regime is trying to do to education? Was that smirk on her face contempt for students who work their arse off to learn complexities, while the Minister for foreign bodies knows not much more than how to tell porkies in lawyer's lingo? Who knows...