Sunday 22nd of April 2018

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lying bastards

Democratic theorists, Jean-Paul Gagnon and Mark Chou, have come up with two peaceful ‘people power’ options to oppose the Coalition’s controversial first Budget.


MAY 13 saw the Coalition hand down its first budget. The response since has been one long story of protest and opposition. Even State Premiers have banded together to reject the proposed changes.

It's now looking likely that Premiers will ask Senators to staunchly oppose the bill.

The budget, it's been argued, is heavy-handed, unjust and illogical. Most Australians don't want the budget to pass in its current form. Nor do a number of elected representatives, including several Liberal MPs.

But so far, it's primarily been opposition political parties making their case about how they plan to block the budget. Is there anything that we, as citizens, can do to block the budget in our own right?

There are at least two approaches.

The first is from ‘within’ the system and the second is from ‘without’ the system. In the past week or so, Australians have already shown their resolve on both fronts. Yet if we want to pressure the government to change their path, more Australians still need to act.

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Sharpen your wits and prepare to chant in the streets...


the cast...



FEATURING the liars in order of appearance:


Abomination himself and his crony bicycle-clips cheap tricks, with daughters in the front basket

Hockey — the great Grock or crock...

Turnbull as the invisible Malcolm

Bishop Bronwyn — the beehived fly-swat scone grandma

the Brussels sprout smoking cigars

Greg the peg with a rotten spade

Morrison and his impression of Hitler in summer

Truss and sidekicks, plus the singing black dogs

Julie Bishop — the amazing gnome killer gaze

Pyne and his amazing rubbery mathematical gymnastics

Brandis the bigot introducing his pile of rubbish to a bookshelf (great fun!)


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