Monday 28th of May 2018

some people should be food tested....

starving kids

A Federal Government backbencher says he would be happy to face random drug tests if the measure was put in place for welfare recipients and taxpayer-funded employees.

Liberal-National Party MP George Christensen says those in receipt of taxpayer benefits should be able to demonstrate they are drug-free.

"There is the ethical and moral issue of whether or not taxpayer dollars should be going into funding people's drug habits and this drug testing for the dole suggestion would actually weed these people out of the system," Mr Christensen said.

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pyne should be drug tested...

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has confused the debate about proposed increases to university fees by appearing to contradict the government's own website over who will be affected by the budget changes.

Along with cuts to higher education funding and allowing universities to set their own fees, the Coalition is pushing to increase the interest rate for HELP loans in 2016 by changing it from an inflation rate equivalent to one that ''reflects the cost of government borrowing''.

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Gus: I agree with Christensen... Starting with Pyne... Pyne should be drug tested and, as we know that religion is the opium of the people, he would be arrested forthwith and sent to prison for 20 years or rehabilitated with the electric-shocks of sciences.

the minister for love says no...

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has finally ruled out drug testing dole recipients, after initially repeatedly refusing to rule in or rule out the idea.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott ruled out the proposal on the weekend but Government backbencher George Christensen says random drug tests should be rolled out for those on benefits and also applied to politicians.

Reports emerged on the weekend that a wide-ranging review of Australia's welfare system could propose following New Zealand's example and introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.


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always blaming someone else...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has spent $50,000 on sprucing up his private office at Parliament House.

Documents provided to the Senate show the Prime Minister’s dining suite has been re-upholstered, and new curtains installed.

A new lounge has also been purchased, with the entire renovation costing taxpayers $50,000.

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong has attacked the Government, saying it is clear the "age of entitlement isn’t over for some".

"The Prime Minister's office, I recall from when we were in Government, was perfectly adequate," Senator Wong told Radio National.

"But it's up to the Prime Minister to explain why, when the age of entitlement is over, he's spending money on curtains and upholstery."

But the Government says the upgrade began on Labor's watch.

"This work began under Labor in August last year," a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said.



Well Tony dear Turd, this excuse of passing the buck is pathetic, hypocritical and not good enough... Whether it was "started" with the previous government is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. So was the NDIS, the NBN, the Carbon Pricing, the pensions, Aboriginal care, education, health and a lot more of other actions which were started by the previous government — Issues that you have found ways to sink under the title of "the end of entitlement". So as they say on the Checkout program ABC TV, "F. U."