Monday 28th of May 2018

toxic turdy tony sneakily mixes his tacky budget with past glory and courageous death...



Tony Abbott has offended our veterans and plundered the Treasury through his bumbling, cynical, outmoded and self-indulgent approach to governing, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’sconstant mantra that the country’s economy is in tatters has been shown for the lying canard it really is.

And as though that isn’t enough, he has come up with another gaffe which indicates just how unsuitable he is to hold the office of Prime Minister.

I have in the past likened him to former conservative Prime Minister Sir William McMahon, who was accident prone but was never taken seriously — except by himself.

McMahon would never drag war heroes into a political debate and it is to Abbott’s undying shame that he is so out of touch with political reality that he has chosen to do so.

It needs to be asked, just who does Abbott take advice from or does he just have a thought bubble and run with it?

When speaking of survivors of a WWII iconic battle, it is disgraceful that Abbott brushed that aside to push a crass ideological message about a budget ridiculed by the vast majority of Australians, which has little or no hope of being passed by the Senate.

Carbon and mining taxes, being "open for business" and meeting U.S. officials with business leaders — what in God's name have they got to do with celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-Day or expressing gratitude for our war heroes?,6540


remember him?

taking us for fools...

an embarrassment to the world...


PM Tony Abbott is touring the world; meanwhile, Australians cringe, mortified, wondering what international ignominy he will bring upon their nation next. Alan Austinreports from France.

WITH PM TONY ABBOTT on a tour of Indonesia, Europe, Canada and the United States, the embarrassments for both him and Australia are mounting.

Few newsrooms here in France bothered to mention Abbott’s visit yesterday to commemorate the D-Day landing 70 years ago with other heads of state.

One journal which did, Le Pointwrote scathingly of Abbott’s offensive D-Day speech, which allocated just 30 seconds to the historic military event. Then –enchaîne directement sur les intérêts économiques – linked this directly to his economic self-interest.

The journal hopes that Abbott regrette déjà ses paroles (will now regret his words).

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We thought Tony-da-Weasel was an embarrassment to Australia, now he is an embarrassment to the whole planet. The idiot-turd-in-chief of Orstralya is vacant in the upstairs department. Nothing there of any value. Just detritus lying around on the floor of his unclean pigeon loft, with the purpose of selling pigeon poop to unsuspecting passer-by...

I have more respect for salesmen (sorry women) — those who sell fake watches pined to the underside of an umbrella than for long-nosed Tony Rubbish Crapponicchio. Long time we should have thrown him out... OUT, TONY, RAUS!!!!!!


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